GarminPocalypse 2: Garmin Connect to STRAVA – nada is happening

GarminPocalypse – Garmin Connect to STRAVA flatlines

Reports via Cycling Weekly show that, unsurprisingly, uploads to Garmin Connect mostly stopped on July 23rd. This is due to the likely ransomware attack that’s currently ongoing at Garmin (more details).

Image: STRAVA, via Cycling Weekly


I have a few take-outs on the chart

  1. I’m very surprised at the level of overall uploads to STRAVA on 24 July. There will be manual uploads from Garmin users but only a relatively small number (?) so the chart represents the number of non-Garmin STRAVA users and it’s quite a lot higher than I would have guessed. Either that or a lot of you just HAVE to get your data onto STRAVA manually.
  2. STRAVA is going to have a fun time once all the Garmin data comes back on stream, I’m assuming that even the duplicates of the manual uploads will first need to be uploaded before being discarded #fun. The longer this all takes, the more data there will be to upload (obvs). Let’s hope our friends at STRAVA turn on the special go-faster server array to cope with the significant extra workload. If STRAVA crashed that wouldn’t be funny.



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5 thoughts on “GarminPocalypse 2: Garmin Connect to STRAVA – nada is happening

  1. I can confirm you can manually upload .fit files to Runalyze though. Everything is in the file, like if the auto add was working.

    1. yeah, i mean, you can upload workout fit files anywhere and they’ll work. i’ve done some to sporttracks (still working) and golden cheetah even if your ftp changed because of the workout the firstbeat stuff on the watch/bike computer would handle it there and then before writing into your fit file.

      or did you mean fit files that might contain activity stuff (I don’t know about those)

      1. Training effect, load (Trimp), HRV…it’s all showing up there. I had two activities from the other day to upload (Strength and a tracked walk). Both had all the metrics recorded in the file, even power (I use the stryd pod for walks, for better pacing results).

        I tried updating Golden Cheetah and it went all crazy on me. I don’t know what happened and I haven’t tried re-installing it.

      2. yes i tried the GC beta as well and experienced the same. current live version should be cool

        yes the workout fit files should be 100% sound and work as normal.

  2. Many people (cyclists especially) use the Strava app on their phone to record activities. Many other cyclists use wrist or bar mount devices other than Garmin. My husband worked in bike retail and Garmin was a tiny fraction of their computer sales. Combination of low margins, historically bad customer service, and many good alternatives. Garmin doesn’t rule in cycling as in running.

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