GarminPocalypse 3: TrainingPeaks Recommends Password Change

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Well is day T+3 of GarminCopalypse and Garmin Connect is still not working.

Garmin is either going for the World Record for the world’s longest server outage or they’ve been hacked. TrainingPeaks (TP) shares our concerns as an email to all users said today.

Unsurprisingly they don’t believe it’s a server outage or planned maintenance either but have kept the Garmin wording going referring to it as a good old fashioned, generic ‘outage’ – which of course is true. Whether or not TrainingPeaks (TP) know something that we don’t is another matter entirely, they ARE one of Garmin’s closest partners but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything as Garmin are keeping VERY tight-lipped on the hack outage.

TP recommend you change your password if you use your Garmin Connect password anywhere else which obviously none of us do, right? Well, that could be annoying. Bizarrely my Garmin Connect IS different from every other sporting website I currently use, although I may have used it with adidas MiCoach about 20 years ago…that should be alright.

On a lighter note, Road.CC notes that Tonbridge is going to implement a town-wide 20mph speed limit. We have that here on the other side of London in the Borough of Richmond (not the one on Zwift) and it works really well. ie it’s a good way of getting car drivers to go 30mph rather than 40mph 😉 I feel emboldened by the law and my newish car has cruise control that works at low speed, so I am now one of the official 20mph speed limit enforcers and I drive around at exactly 20mph. Scarily I get more honks from other drivers than I would if I were cycling.

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There is official information from garmin:


To add to that according to connectIQ app the outage is going to be 84h from 23th.