GarminPocalypse 6: Garmin staggers to a partial restart

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GarminPocalypse: Partial Restart

27th of July and the Garminpocalypse seems to be coming to a slow and steady end. But Garmin is not out of the woods quite yet.

The image shows the status of all Garmin’s key customer-facing systems and there are some key things you STILL CAN’T Do

  1. Can’t install Connect IQ apps
  2. Garmin courses are NOT syncing to devices but 3rd party courses should be queued (and presumably eventually received by your device)
  3. Garmin Coach plans can be created but then all existing Coach plans might experience delays in assigning new workouts, which seems because there is a delay to process competed workouts and react to the training done in them.
  4. STRAVA integrations of some of the lesser-used features are working BUT the normal syncing of your completed workouts to STRAVA is delayed.
  5. Similarly, syncing workouts to other 3rd parties is delayed
  6. Workouts from external sources like TrainingPeaks should be syncing to your device but not ones you’ve made yourself.


Unfortunately, as of NOW, I’m still getting this message in Garmin Express

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8 thoughts on “GarminPocalypse 6: Garmin staggers to a partial restart

  1. I can only imagine what going on at Garmin at the moment! I work for a FTSE 100, and about ANY hint of this kind of thing makes the world spin backwards. I honestly feel for 99% of the workforce, and have particular sympathy for their Security CIO/CTO!
    Does make you wonder if things will change. It madness to think that I cant offline sync my watch to an app on my phone to view details of an activity, or look at past activities, sleep etc. No buffer at all in the app is just mad.

    1. I’ve been uploading my personal data manually forever from Garmin devices so this hasn’t affected me at all. It was more out of bloody-mindedness than any kind of presience, so whilst i’m ‘alright’ I really feel for everyone who has wasted time trying to sort out their issues. Depending on the true cause (if we ever find out) I’m perhaps less sympathetic for the person that clicked on the email link (Dwight uses the correct term, above!) and the CIO.

      1. Maybe a good idea to give tips on what to do now. I see no recent activities in GC. I can think of the manual instruction in my Edge to sync files but I in case of my Fenix I’ll have to find out. Wonder if it isn’t a waste of time anyway because systems are not working yet…. (as far as I’ve seen this is not in your status news…)

      2. hi
        ty for the suggestion, it definitely was working for me using garmin express. not so sure than connect mobile is doing much even as i write this.
        i don’t really have any tips on workarounds for this within the garmin environment as i dont understand the intricacies. like others it’s easy enough to give pointers how to offload workouts over a cable and off to somewhere else

        if Connect goes wrong again (possible) and you have syncd your workouts today then would they sync tomorrow if yesterday’s backup was restored?

        suggestion: just ignore it, you can still train. Don’t go near Garmin Conenct for a few days and let everyone else sort out the problems.

    2. Sympathy? I don’t feel that a all! It’s just like Corona: this went wrong before it went wrong!!!!

  2. Just tried to sync my 245 now, the sync is veeeery slow (having to sync multiple days and activities also doesn’t help) and partially successful.
    After one try it synced some health data (not all) and 1 activity out of 3

  3. Garmin Express (PC) is not working for me, but Garmin Connect (Android) is syncing very slowly. They probably want to do syncs slowly to protect their servers and third parties like Strava as well hence the reason for Express not working?

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