GarminPocalypse 6: Garmin staggers to a partial restart

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GarminPocalypse: Partial Restart

27th of July and the Garminpocalypse seems to be coming to a slow and steady end. But Garmin is not out of the woods quite yet.

The image shows the status of all Garmin’s key customer-facing systems and there are some key things you STILL CAN’T Do

  1. Can’t install Connect IQ apps
  2. Garmin courses are NOT syncing to devices but 3rd party courses should be queued (and presumably eventually received by your device)
  3. Garmin Coach plans can be created but then all existing Coach plans might experience delays in assigning new workouts, which seems because there is a delay to process competed workouts and react to the training done in them.
  4. STRAVA integrations of some of the lesser-used features are working BUT the normal syncing of your completed workouts to STRAVA is delayed.
  5. Similarly, syncing workouts to other 3rd parties is delayed
  6. Workouts from external sources like TrainingPeaks should be syncing to your device but not ones you’ve made yourself.


Unfortunately, as of NOW, I’m still getting this message in Garmin Express

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