GarminPocalypse 8: Helpful graphic insults the intelligence

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GarminPocalypse: Are you joking?

Really? Is Garmin being serious?

There’s probably a man day of work to design, create, approve and distribute a trivial image like that one I’ve just put at the start of the post. Garmin has spent time doing THAT rather than offering any kind of meaningful explanation or assistance.

I can excuse Garmin for being hacked, as I’m fairly sure it can happen to any company (I seem to recall various US intelligence agencies being hacked by random British teenagers for example – Source:

I can excuse them for doing the bare minimum when it comes to communications until they are 100% sure that what they say will be true and meet their legal obligations.

But that image just took the biscuit and broke the camel’s back in one fell swoop of a digital pen. #MixedMetaphor

Admittedly, as the words on the image say, ‘a few moments later’ WAS up and running.

Maybe that image used to always show? If so, the fact that I’ve never seen it before is probably a good testament to how well Garmin Connect ran FOR ME in the past.

Thanks Neil

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