UK Govt Cycling Scheme CRASHES within first 10 minutes

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The UK’s new fix-your-cycle scheme has crashed within the first 10 minutes of use. Obviously a journalist’s dream….I’m just annoyed as I quite fancied fixing up an old bike for my partner.

At 1145 PM, Sarah Talbot tweeted that the site had crashed, saying “repeated attempts to get on it’s now coming up HTTP Error 404…very disappointing”

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LINK: Here is the link for you to keep trying to get one of those elusive vouchers, obviously keeping the system down for longer when you press F5 like I’m doing right now 😉


How it works

  1. One voucher per person, two per household.
  2. Only redeemable at accredited bike stores but that includes Halfords, Evans and many more. My local bike shop accepts them too, Moore’s Cycles, but they are already booked up until the end of August before the scheme even starts!
  3. There is also a limited number of vouchers available in total.
  4. Typically it will be something like £35 for a service and the £15 to cover any extra bits that are required.

In Summary: A GREAT deal if you can get the voucher and if you can get it booked in.

Keep on pressing that F5 button.

While you’re pressing F5, try reading this bike computer review or, if you’re not in the market, there are some interesting Di2-related tidbits below that or a look at my newish bike – good reads if you love your gadgets 😉

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are you local to teddington?




I have a local Moore’s cycle shop close by too


I’m Amazed, I would have imagined a 100% successful execution of this scheme following the previous exemplary gov track record! you can’t be perfect all the time I guess


I know yeah, politicians have such an amazing track record with their use of the internet and technology it’s incredible it didn’t work first time


Wow, guess giving away £50 is a bit more popular than the IT powers that be expected, probably should have provisioned a second server. Website still completely under but even if if you manage to get to the registration scheme, the mandatory address lookup service then falls over virtually guaranteeing that there is no ability to sign up until everyone has given up as at least one or the other will be overloaded. Didn’t really expect anything less than a debacle, don’t know why I bothered to stay up – thanks for making it 2345, that was probably the only thought given to managing load?


wats the best option moving forward with this how long


did any1 manage to get a voucher or is ever1 in the same boat?


Technically, not true…I could not get onto the site at 23.41, already filling me with fear that the site was wholly under-powered. I never actually managed to load the page, let alone fill details. It seems that someone has unplugged the computer behind this webpage, and gone to sleep, error 404 now, rather than a timeout… I guess I’ll try again later… maybe


is a option to keep reloading or am i wasting my time?


Been trying 3 different internet connections, laugh… including a superfast .gov connection. Managed to hit the landing page twice and that’s it. Could of spent the last hour fixing the bike.


with this govt running the show, I think we are all wasting our time……….?


its mad i dont have all night!!!!!!