UK Govt Cycling Scheme OPEN NOW



UK Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme OPEN AGAIN




So it seems like yesterday’s message that the vouchers were being released in various tranches was a complete lie as the system is up and running again today. Nevertheless, it is definitely working and I have registered and received a voucher at 10 am on 30 July.

It is  WAY TOO complicated for what it is intending to do and below are some screenshots and commentary, below, which will give you a flavour of that. As a QUICK heads-up, you WILL need to know what bike you are intending to fix and you WILL need to provide evidence of your identity to the bike shop when you bring the bike to the shop. And you only have 60 days to get the repair organised before the voucher expires.


UK Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme – Step 1

Assuming you can get on to the system you will need to supply your date of birth. WHY? you will then need to state your gender. WHY? (I know why, it’s just unnecessary)

You have to verify your email address and will need to supply your actual address, presumably to prevent any kind of fraud avoiding repeated registrations for multiple vouchers. FAIR ENOUGH. There is also further information that you must supply including the section where some may stretch the truth a little and say that the bike will be used to replace winter car journeys to work.


UK Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme – Step 2

You will need to complete information which describes the bike you want to repair. THIS WILL APPEAR ON THE VOUCHER so you can’t just make it up.




UK Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme – Step 3


For a simple voucher, you will of course at least need a Grade 6 at English Language GCSE. There’s a LOT of unnecessary reading to do. The voucher is intended to ensure your bike is safe and roadworthy and so most repairs and very minor upgrades will fall within the scheme. If you are thinking of any kind of upgrade, then have a look below as that’s probably excluded.


UK Fix Your Bike Voucher Scheme – Step 4

So for the account, you create you can get two vouchers. You can perhaps pretend your house has two flats if you want to fix more than 2 bikes but I reckon you’ll be out of luck. The voucher is emailed to your verified email address and you are good to go. You’ve already checked that you can book your bike into your local bike shop and that they are not fully booked up, right?





do NOT upgrade – Garmin Edge 1040 – Opinion





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