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The Garmin Forerunner 945, Fenix 6 Pro, Marq and others are currently receiving new beta firmware some of which describes new LIVE TRACK features *BUT* the excitement comes in as Garmin specifically mention EVENT SHARING in the notes for the current beta release of the Fenix 6 Pro. Indeed the new Livetrack features are also referred to as LIVETRACK 2.0.

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I’ve not got this to work yet on the Garmin Fenix 6 and so have included images from a link to the 945 (you might need to click them to see the full image on mobile) to see how you can share your intended route/course with family and friends and they can then track your progress and whether or not you stick to your intended route. I’m not sure if any performance stats can be communicated back to your family/friends other than distance/time and average speed along with the mile splits. Note: Once you update to the beta firmware on your Fenix 6 and sync, the following new options in Garmin Connect Mobile should ‘appear’, as if by magic.


Here are the full details, but please note that I’d never recommend using beta software.

Changes made from version 10.10 to 10.75:

Some of these additions to the Fenix are expanded upon in this FR 945 post on the same subject and that post is worth a read even if you are a Fenix user as the 945 has got some interesting new features that will almost certainly make their way to the Fenix 6 like a new way to edit data pages and several new widget/widget glance changes. You might also find that this beta software includes FE-C for indoor trainer mode even though it doesn’t seem to be listed in the F6 features below.

  • Added support for Livetrack 2.0.
  • Added support for Course Upload (w/ Livetrack 2.0)
  • Added support for new event types with Live Event Sharing. (Multisport/Every Mile etc.)
  • Added support for descriptive WiFi errors when syncing music.
  • Added support for configuring map settings during an Expedition activity.
  • Added support for battery hours remaining as a data field option.
  • Added support for displaying running and cycling VO2 Max for a multisport activity when applicable.
  • Added support for automatically disabling battery saver once the device is above 80% charge.
  • Brought in Bluetooth stability improvements.
  • Brought in PacePro improvements.
  • Brought in XCS improvements.
  • Brought in sleep improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where one would get a music provider notification after clearing device settings while powering on the device.
  • Fixed an issue where summary activities (sync’ed from another device) were showing up in the list of navigable activities.
  • Improved the music provider switching experience.
  • Improved connected widget glances to indicate loss of connectivity by adding a red exclamation.
  • Improved off wrist detection. (Requires 7.12 Sensor Hub)
  • Made several user interface improvements for the altitude acclimation widget.
  • Made several improvements to the music experience.
  • Made several bug fixes for golf.


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  1. The 245 (shockingly) also received the 4.87 beta update with the same live track changes that the 945 received.

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