archive Garmin Forerunner 745 and/or Forerunner 955 LTE soon?

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Garmin Forerunner 745Garmin Forerunners – soon

Here are some thoughts on the likely imminence of some new Garmin running/multisport watches (Sept 9). Garmin’s medium-term plans were part-leaked quite some time ago and I reported the leaks here. However, the purpose of this post is to put into context some much more recent ‘happenings’.

First a word of caution:  Obviously CV19 has affected plans. Last year’s leak of future products did NOT include the Forerunner 655, even though that model is overdue.

Garmin Forerunner 745


  • Think about the recently released Garmin beta firmware for the Forerunner 945/F6. It includes EVENT TRACKING which supports the broadcasting of your planned course and route completion on a multi-stage triathlon course. You might question how this feature will work in OWS & T1 when you haven’t yet picked up your phone from transition (not that any serious triathlete would carry a phone at any point on a triathlon)
    • Question, how useful is multisport course tracking when only enabled by a smartphone’s transmission? A: Not very
    • Remember, the Forerunner 955LTE was leaked last year
  • The Garmin Forerunner 45 Plus was probably accidentally released on Garmin’s website last week. It’s quite possible that Garmin slipped this very minor release out, unannounced as it was so trivial.
    • Question, why was it not ‘released’ in the USA? A: Because it was a mistake
    • Question, is it likely Garmin just had a plan to release only the FR45+? A: No, it would require too many marketing resources for a peripheral product
    • Question, where is the FR45s Plus model? A: Still there. The person in charge of rescheduling Garmin UK’s product pages spotted that one.
  • @JohnK reports the Forerunner 645 falling to GBP199 at Argos in the UK and there are numerous out-of-stock situations of this product at different UK/RoI retailers.
  • There tends to be a Sept/Oct major release ahead of Christmas, although that can be for Vivoactive variants that are not targetted at the super-sporty.
  • The Forerunner 745 WAS leaked as a planned model for 2020-21, as was the FR955LTE. The 745 WILL BE released in September (Probability: 100%)
  • Some readers’ comments that recent images of either a 745 or 955 show LTE logos are interesting. We could be seeing the impending release of a 745 + 955LTE, or perhaps there is a 745 and 745LTE
    • The logic here is that perhaps some of the leaks from a year ago or so mistakenly had the 955LTE as the next iteration and then it was later decided instead to call it the 745LTE and remove some of the 955 features…this does make more sense that might initially appear to be the case.
    • I have zero intel that a 955-anything is due.

Garmin 745 Review | Small Format, High-End Forerunner For Triathlon


A multi-watch launch for early September will comprise: FR45+, FR45S+, HRM-PRO, new Venu SQ, FR745 and maybe these FR745LTE, FR955, FR955LTE and/or FR655.

Have a look at the original post. Several of the predictions HAVE already happened. The cynics will scoff at the lack of HRM-PRO (fair enough, but you won’t be scoffing in September!) but there are STILL retailer websites that show its existence from the time of the original leak and confirm that it will deliver Skiing Dynamics and, IIRC, there are other retailer websites that include the skiing dynamics support on the F6. Google is your friend.


Garmin Releases for 2021 | rumored 955, Fenix 7, 1040, Dual GPS and more


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43 thoughts on “archive Garmin Forerunner 745 and/or Forerunner 955 LTE soon?

  1. Too late Garmin, I waited and waited and then I found a used 245 in mint condition for 160€. Such an upgrade from the 630!

    1. 245 is sweet. Most of the mid-range models do all that most people reasonably need from a sports watch as you’ve hopefully found.

      1. My problem with the 630 was the screen quality that looked horrible and the lack of a HR sensor on the watch (I’m at the third chest strap already since they break easily). One thing that I didn’t get by the various reviews is how much brighter, nicer, high contrast is the screen of the 245 compared to the 630. It’s super easy to see while running. That’s why I was waiting for the next step of Garmin, maybe a higher resolution screen for the 655 or even OLED. You throw a garmin coach with running power and they would have had my money. Considering that I’m always running with my phone for maps/security/been on call I didn’t need music or NFC in the watch.
        The 245 it’s an excellent watch, a massive upgrade from the 630 (even if it’s a model down). The only thing that I don’t understand/like is the new alert mode during training that alerts on the average pace instead of the instant (instant pace is shown on display) so you get a lot of alerts even if you are below average but catching up or while slowing down after a sprint or downhill… Any fixes for that?

        1. i think the direction of travel for screen tech with garmin is that the bright fancy stuff is only going to go to the Venu/vivoactive.

          with the other ranges generally i reckon it will just be a bigger screen area within the constraints of the existing case sizes eg the fr955 will have a bigger screen with less wasted space around it

    2. Would have bought the 245 when it came out if it had Garmin pay. Still rocking the 235. Might make the leap if any of the new forerunners impress.

      1. I have nothing to add to this conversation other than to say that name; Perfect.

        And I know people hide behind a pseudonym online, but I grew up with a friend with the last name Pizza, so I am not doubting that might be real.

  2. Bit the bullet and moved to the Fenix 6 pro from the awful FR945. Yes, I know, I know it’s subjective. But if Garmin rolls out a competent successor to the 945, for the fit and weight alone I would move back. I’ve gotten used the F6pro on my arm, but it’s still a chunky watch and the Forerunner line is not. Less girth and with about the same features? Sure i’m sold.

    Just, don’t make it janky like the last one that would eat 40% battery in 24/7 mode over a day.

      1. Close, but I think the 6 line has a few more options/features the 945 doesn’t. I think power management is only on the Fenix 6/solar for example.

        And there’s one more thing the 6 line has that the 945 definitely doesn’t: Garmins attention and support.

        1. What kind of more options? I’m looking for a new watch and don’t know what to choose.normally I would decide between 955 and apple watch 6

  3. I really hope you’re right on the 955 LTE (or any decent forerunner/Fénix series with LTE). No idea why Garmin only released the V3 with LTE so far. So many athletes would love to drop the phone. Hopefully it’ll be able to be used on more than just Verizon, but at least the price on Verizon was just $5 per month. I’m sure the watch will be expensive, but I kept my F3 until it broke on my last year and then got a F245 cheap on sale to tide me over until a real LTE Garmin came out, so have been saving on the right upgrade. This would be it.

    1. Last year I bought a 945 as gift for my birthday ( starting the declining being 36 yo). I would be happily surprise if Garmin will be able to have a 955 LTE forerunners in the near future and my partner will allow me to buy one ( as she can track me for security reasons). The main concern is battery life. Technology is already there but battery life will be a disaster. Garmin can play a lot around the settings and optimise everything possible but still it may not last as the current F945. The alternative is to get a F7x Pro LTE with a big battery but the weight will be a problem.

      1. agreed with the battery life. it seems to be a dark art to only have certain features enabled that give anywhere near the claimed battery life. i’ve lost 53% in the last 12 hours and i don[t know why

        1. Very true. If I recall correctly, the V3 had only about 4 hours of battery if using LTE, music, and GPS.

  4. Still rocking my 935 for its accurate GPS, and general no-frills approach. I don’t need any of the QoL features like music or pay but if it’s true that the 955 has a slimmer bezel, resulting in a larger screen in the same sized case, then I will upgrade from my 935.

  5. For me the big question is what does Garmin actually do with LTE. Can we do the new live event tracking with it? I’d assume so (it’s pretty shocking how hard it is to do that with any existing LTE watches, and if you want to transmit any actual metrics other than location, you’re out of luck). Obviously there won’t be a microphone on the thing, but what about phone calls via connected headphones? What about Connect IQ use of the connection? Can we call an Uber from our watch?

    1. yes i woud have thought it would be for live tracking and also that periodic performance stats could be sent too.
      phone call? i doubt it.
      ciq use of the connection is a good point, IDK the answer. i assume NO is the answer as we would have heard about it. but you highlight ‘simple’ but useful things like booking an uber that would seem perfect for ciq.

          1. Nah, just teasing and curious about new sport tech. I look forward to the review when available. Cheers.

          2. I must have missed it yesterday. Where!?

            How to choose between FR745 or Coros Pace 2 – First World Problems at it’s finest.

            Step 1: sit on thumbs and wait for Pace2 to be available in EU
            Step 2: sit on thumbs and wait for FR745
            Step 3: sit on thumbs and wait for comparisons
            Step 4: splurge

          3. as before 745 is VERY soon. so not long to wait. maybe you will win the Pace 2 in the competition 😉 #ProblemSolved

            IDK FR745 details but will be VERY surprised if it has more features than FR945. At most it might have one new feature.
            So FR745 i guess will have superior SMARTs, CONNECTIVITY and PHYSIOLOGY stuff.
            Pace 2 is cheap and has all the sensible features AND some innovative ones.
            (there’s the comparison…I’m prob not going to write a post on that!)

    1. good question
      735xt is £300, 645 is £300
      it will be at that level or slightly higher.
      Garmin will probably entirely ignore this Coros launch. they might put the 245 or 735xt on special…probably not even that. Coros are too small at the moment for them to worry about.

  6. If you do a Google search for the Garmin 745 it shows a placeholder. Shows up with black, white, magma, and neo something (mint green-ish) bands so it would have to be soon. Want a decent altimeter (so the 245 is out) and not looking to jump up to the 9/Fenix series.

  7. Given Coros just dropped the Pace 2 for 200 bucks, and it offers most of the features of Garmin’s 645-945 series, not sure if the up coming 745 is going to cut it ITO features vs price for me.

    In depth testing of the Coros 2 on DC Rainmaker puts it parallel to the Garmin 945 ITO of tracking accuracy for triathlon so I’m not sure why anyone would opt for the Garmin going forward. Plus the Coros offers advanced power meter metrics that Garmin don’t!

    Competition is always nice.

    1. yes, dcr was able to agree with my verdict on the Pace 2: . It’s good to know he sometimes gets it right 😉 (sorry Ray !)

      the 745 WILL have more features than the P2 but will NOT have all the features of the Pace 2. as you (probably) correctly point out the pace 2 will win on the (relavent-)features vs price analysis and that is BIG trouble for Garmin as it is generally where Garmin has always won out. In the specific case of features vs price, this is is a BIG event and maybe a turning point for Garmin…but the change will be SLOW.

      HOWEVER, for now, the garmin ecosystem is better and more open than Coros and, for a more serious tri watch user, that will win out for the 745. The hefty price premium ($100-$200) WILL deter SOME from the 745 and SOME will give the Pace 2 a go. I think you will be surprised that not so many will go for the Coros as you might think. You will be surprised that many people do not do much research and just buy ‘a Garmin’ or what ‘their friend has’. so those that switch might share these characteristics as buyers: informed; price-sensitive; some antipathy toward Garmin.

      accuracy: the pace 2 and the garmin 945 (745 will be same) are similar. neither can claim to be sufficiently accurate but both are alright in benign conditions.
      power metrics: what P2 has done with stryd/running power is good. running power is a relatively unimportant feature set in terms of impact on the wider market. a) Garmin can easily copy native power if they want b) stryd’s ciq apps on garmin are excellent.

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