Google Wear OS Update Plan For Q4 vs Apple

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Google Wear OS Update Plan For Q4


Goggle has shared a little more info than normal on some of the planned improvements for Wear OS to hit our wrists in fall/autumn 2020.

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There’s nothing earth-shattering to see here, yet this does signal that Google is taking Wear OS more seriously than some commentators have stated.




CV19 has taught us the importance of being clean. Google is effectively introducing an app to Wear OS as a way to time our handwashing activities. It looks like you will have to touch your watch with your potentially infected hands in order to start the app. If you subsequently stop the app manually you may well put some germs back onto the end of your fingers from the newly dirtied watch. You can see where I’m going with this and I’m just not going to even look for the emoji for an exasperated shrug.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a big Apple fan. Nor am I a fan of handwashing apps but at least Apple’s endeavours to include hand hygiene have been sufficiently thought-through to get their ‘app’ to use the onboard accelerometer to automatically detect handwashing action and then time it. Check out the imagery of Apple’s efforts compared to those of Google, who do you think has made the most effort to make it look pretty?




I’d seen these proposed new screens trailed a while back and they are intended to be more readable on the move, which I guess they are.


Wearable OS image Wearable OS image Wearable OS image













Credit to Google for changing things stylistically. Apple is still stuck in that old fashioned world of relative simplicity. Truth be told, I don’t like either of these.



Performance Improvements

The new Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 4100 and 4100+ platforms are going to be faster and in a few weeks time, they will be supported by Wear OS…an important pre-requisite. I’m not expecting to see any step-change in the performance that we experience most of the time as, in my opinion, it’s already good with the current processors. Hopefully, I will be proved wrong and perhaps also a more powerful processor will allow fancy new stuff to exist.

On a related note, the new Wear OS update will also improve app start-up times and pairing/onboarding but these two aspects of Wear OS are relatively trivial.

In contrast to all of this, Apple’s plans for Watch OS sounds uber-exciting

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3 thoughts on “Google Wear OS Update Plan For Q4 vs Apple

  1. The 4100+ coprocessor is capable to run all the sensors, including the gps and also the use of maps. So, for sports, with the main cores in standby/off, the battery should have a much bigger improvement than the declared 20% for average use with the main cores active.

    Anyways, is something to be tested. The sources of some news claim that there are new watches upcoming with WearOS and i hope that some with the 4100+. The mentioned brands are Oppo, Suunto and Xiaomi. Interesting, as the Suunto 7 is a recent watch, but it seems that there is another one with WearOS upcoming if the rumors are true. So it makes sense if the new one has the new SoC as its main improvement to justify a new watch. Fingers crossed for the 4100+

  2. It’s a matter of time. We will win as customers. Of course. It’s upcoming.

    Aside the new Suunto upcoming, now this:

    And improved maps. Aside the Topo from Garmin that you can buy if needed.

    As a trail runner the view of upcoming watches with WearOS that finally can be used there along a weekend with work apps and notifications for family, etc, without every year pay the €€€ to…. For the unique option it’s wonderful. And I hope with also reliable buttons and hardware (PCBs, antennas…) Not like the refurbishment ones each few months from G SAT…

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