new STRAVA Goals πŸ₯… 2020 updates to STRAVA’s multi-sports goal setting

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STRAVA Goal – new features for 2020 subscribers


A quick look on your STRAVA app as of today and you will see that you can only set Goals for cycling, running and swimming. However, that’s about to change. Or, at least, it is about to change if you are a STRAVA Subscriber as this is a subscriber-only feature and IS, apparently, one of STRAVA’s most popular features amongst subscribers.

What are the changes?

  1. First up, the new GOALS features have been moved to the TRAINING TAB
  2. The supported sports that are allowed to have goals is now effectively unlimited and covers all the sport types on STRAVA
  3. You can already create power, time and distance goals which is nice but, sensibly, STRAVA has expanded this to also include ELEVATION goals.
  4. Goals were previously visible to your allowed followers but can now optionally be set to PRIVATE
  5. You can now set monthly goals in addition to the WEEKLY and ANNUAL goals that already existed.

Interestingly, STRAVA claims that 97% of the goals that were active at the start of the year remain active throughout the year. I’m not entirely sure if this just means that the subscriber hasn’t bothered to cancel them.

STRAVA Goal Facts

  • Favourite weekly running goals are 6, 12, 20 and 25 miles –for cycling it’s 50, 62, 93 and 100 miles
  • Favourite annual running goals are 622 and 1000 miles – whereas STRAVA quotes nice round annual cycling goals as being 3103 and 6215 miles!

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> whereas STRAVA quotes nice round annual cycling goals as being 3103 and 6215 miles!

This is because cyclists trend to measure in kilometers.