Amazfit Rebranding Starts? App *IS* Already Rebranded


Amazfit Rebranding Starts? App *IS* Already Rebranded

The Amazfit app on both the Google and Apple app stores has now been rebranded ZEPP.

Although this has only gone live today, it’s an interesting move from Huami-Amazfit that could signal a more serious technical and marketing intent if we delve deeper into part of their backstory.

First up, a quick look at the app stores’ listing shows nothing unusually special.

There really is nothing special here in terms of the name or the screenshots. If you downloaded the app (I have) then there’s nothing overly special in there either.

So what we are looking at here may well just be that marketing reality has dawned and Huami-Amazfit realises that the name ‘Amazfit’ is naive and childish, with that name they just won’t get taken seriously in the longer term by large chunks of the market. Although you have to give the teens in the marketing department some credit for coming up with a brand name that ‘does what it says on the tin‘ ie that the watches are AMAZING and for FITNESS. To be fair to Huami-Amazfit, I do generally like properly descriptive names and the original STRATOS 1 was also a brilliant, but flawed, watch. I’ve not looked at the two subsequent iterations but the general feel from other reviewers that I trust is that Gen 3 is not quite up to the job and so I have zero intentions of reviewing it.

But maybe I am getting ahead of myself. Maybe the Amazfit brand will stay. Here’s why.

Initially, at least, the rebranding could well be for the app to support the new ZEPP E smart watches which Huami-Zepp might see a greater future for having acquired US-based Zepp 2 years ago. The Zepp part of Huami’s line up seems to be competing head-to-head with the Apple Watch ie they’re definitely in the smart watch+fitness space rather than the fitness and pro sports space (Garmin). Take a quick look at the new Zepp E watches. They look cool.

With an AMOLED screen to complement a choice of rectangular/circular format, Huami-Zepp is attacking the Apple Watch where it hurts – ie giving people the choice of that circular watch face AND getting rid of the god-awful crown.


Whilst the AMOLED screen is nothing unique, this one is pretty cool and also attacks the Apple Watch at its Achilles heel ie by delivering a GREAT screen **AND** a great battery life. Take a look at these specs – a 7-day battery life…#Sweet. Of course, the truth will be once 24×7 oHR and sport-based GPS are both enabled. I’d guess the battery would last two nights with an hour of GPS usage each day tho…Apple can’t do that (yet).


Take Out

If Huami has any sense they will rebrand their entire GPS sports and fitness watches under one marketing brand. Huami is not that brand name. Amazfit is not that brand name. And, if I’m honest, I don’t think Zepp should be either. #Opinion



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  1. What’s funny about this is I got some press kit stuff just now, with zero mention of Amazfit in it. Had it not been for reading your post, I’d probably just deleted it straight away.

  2. Amazfit should first sort out the screen freezing and battery drain issues on Amazfit GTR 47.

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