Apple Watch 6 – 8 (eight!!) new models

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Apple Watch 5Apple Watch 6 – 8 (eight!!) new models

Recent filings have shown that Apple will release 8 (eight) models of the Apple Watch 6. That’s exciting but not too exciting. Here’s why.


There are currently 6 (six) Apple Watch 5 models and, as an IMPORTANT recap, these are:

Apple Watch 5 Models

Apple Watch 3

GPS: A1858 (38mm) A1859 (42mm)
GPS + Cellular:
Americas: A1860 (38mm) A1861 (42mm)
Europe and Asia Pacific: A1889 (38mm) A1891 (42mm)
China mainland: A1890 (38mm) A1892 (42mm)

Apple Watch 4

GPS: A1977 (40mm) A1978 (44mm)
GPS + Cellular:
North America: A1975 (40mm) A1976 (44mm)
Europe, Asia Pacific, and China mainland: A2007 (40mm) A2008 (44mm)

Apple Watch 5

GPS: A2092 (40mm), A2093 (44mm)
GPS + Cellular:
North America: A2094 (40mm) A2095 (44mm)
Europe, Asia Pacific, and China mainland: A2156 (40mm) A2157 (44mm)

History lesson over, let’s get back to the September 7th launch (it will be either 7Sep or 8Sep, despite what you read elsewhere).

Look at those I have highlighted above in GREEN and RED. Remember them and then move to the ‘leaked’ codes in the next image

Apple Watch 6 Models

Here are the newly leaked Apple Watch 6 product codes. You can assume that those grouped together share common physical attributes.

Source | – new model numbers circled

It’s obvious that there will be the same 6x Watch5 models carried over to the new Watch6 range, clearly, there are 2 more as well.

Here are the eight newly leaked model numbers with the carry-over models bolded and in italics. You can even say which product code will probably related to exactly which new model down to what size it is (too boring and complex to explain exactly how, but you can) 😉 Like this…

Apple Watch 6 – GPS+Cellular

  • BCG-A2355 (40mm), BCG-A2356 (44mm), [N America]
  • BCG-A2375 (40mm), BCG-A2376 (44mm), [RoW]

Apple Watch 6 – GPS-Only

  • BCG-A2291 (40mm), BCG-A2292 (44mm) [Global]
  • BCG-A2351 (40mm), BCG-A2352 (44mm), [Global, ?SE?]

Also, note the “BCG-” prefix is added by me because err, that’s correct. That IS what it will be when the products are released.


  • A cellular model should have 4 versions
  • A global, cellular model must have 4 models if it comes in 2 sizes for 2 regions
  • A GPS-only model only has 2 versions
  • Version numbering comes in pairs of consecutive number eg A2092 and A2093
  • Pairs of numbers like that represent a pair of screen size models namely 40mm and 44mm with 40mm representing the lowest numbered model.
  • Look at the consecutive numbering of these models and compare to the AW5 models. The two extra models (BCG-A2351/BCG-A2352) are almost certainly 40mm and 44mm versions of something new. But of what?
  • These two new models (A2351/2) CANNOT be a cellular model as a cellular release requires 4 model numbers to cover N America and RoW ie 2 Regions x 40+44mm = 4 models
  • We are not talking about ‘variant’s that only have cosmetic variations. The FCC doesn’t care about those. The FCC requires a different model number if the tech innards differ.

Some have said there will be a lower-cost SE edition. Yes, there will be and those people (reliable leakers) claim it is for 2021 and so the 2021 filing will come in maybe 6 months time…not now. By their logic, this is NOT the lower-cost model that replaces the AW3 or at least that’s what the pundits say. HOWEVER, as per MY earlier predictions. I reckon these new models are the Apple Watch 6SE which comes as 40+44mm models and is almost certainly GPS-only.

Some famed leakers (leak inventors and click-baiters) say there will be a kids’ edition. Maybe, I’ll hedge my bets and say that IS possible. But will those skinny-wristed kids want a larger 44mm model? Maybe they will but most probably they will not. I guess the young big-wristed teens might want a 44mm but you take my implied point that a kids hardware model would only be a 40mm model. Maybe these new models represent 40mm in GPS and in 40mm GPS+cellular…maybe, that’s possible too, but then that wouldn’t follow the numbering convention of all previous AW models if you look again more closely. I’m still hanging on for a ‘simple’ software solution for the kids’ version. It’s much cheaper for Apple to serve the kids market via software. MUCH cheaper…and that’s just what they will do.

I  still hang on naively for the BCG-A2351/BCG-A2352 being the Apple Watch 6 Pro (obviously a Pro model will have GPS+Cellular and come in either 40mm or 44mm). Unfortunately, my argument falls over as the PRO would probably need to be a global model hence need four model numbers (GPS+Cellular + RoWx2). So it looks like no Pro model yet folks. Although it is possible that a PRO model could first be released in the USA-only.

I think you could get good odds on it being a GPS circular-face version (40+44mm). That REALLY IS possible and that does fit all the criteria I have just laid down. But Apple are due to be significantly upgrading the screen tech in the AW6 and so it will be easiest for them to do that in just the two current sizes rather than also having to worry about 2 circular versions at the same time.

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Take Out

Here is my reckoning of the ranked likelihood of these 2 new models. I’m NOT happy with this conclusion as the Pro model is ranked 4th! but it looks right

  1. Likely it’s the cheaper SE model [BCG-A2351 (40mm), BCG-A2352 (44mm) ]
  2. Less likely it’s a round model
  3. Even less likely it’s a kids model
  4. It’s not a Pro model (Grrr Grrr and double Grrr)

I’d WELCOME thoughts as to why this is wrong and/or what other sensible scenarios fit the reveal of the 8 new models.

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  1. Maybe there will be a model with advanced power options (solar charging, bigger battery, less power consuming screen) for all the people who are crying for an outdoor-ready Apple Watch….?!

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