Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 – October 1st, SnapDragon 4100

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Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3

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An early ‘leak’ on shows the Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 will be ready for sale on 1st  October. I wouldn’t normally write about this however there is one MARKET-CHANGING innovation that this product will bring. Well, it will bring the innovation but whether it will be market-changing is another matter. Let’s instead say it will be ‘market-defining’! That innovation is the latest SnapDragon 4100 processor.

Yes, this is the next generation of WearOS processor that will likely underpin all of the high-end watches that use Google’s software platform over the next two years. We will get a good idea as to whether this new bit of hardware can make WearOS fly. My opinion is that it can fly already but other commentators need supersonic performance, let’s hope they are happy because part of the problem with Wear OS is the generally bad rap it gets.

The TicWatch Pro 3 shown in these renders do look sweet but with Apple set to release/announce a new lower-cost Apple Watch 6SE in a couple of weeks, it makes you wonder if all of Apple’s competitors think a little too highly of themselves.

Source: droidlife


This product will change little and reveal little. Wear OS is fine and Mobvoi’s TicWatch’s are fine for what they are.

We need to see what Apple brings in a couple of weeks and we need to see what, if anything, Google can do with moving Wear OS in a more positive direction.

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6 thoughts on “Mobvoi TicWatch Pro 3 – October 1st, SnapDragon 4100

  1. Unfortunately it’s not going to be SnapDragon 4100+, just the regular 4100, so no fancy co processor 🙁

  2. You can’t bring apple in to this article. The only watch for Apple is a apple watch, no other watch will work 100 % on iPhone unfortunately. I would love to have a wearOS watch to my iPhone.
    Siri stinks, Google assistant is way better.

    1. yep, agreed to a point.
      I can bring apple in as a competitor – for example, I have both android and ios phones. I might be a special case, admittedly.
      WearOS can also work on iOS to a point. AW5 cannot work on WearOS.
      Yes I agree that Google Assistant is superior to Siri in oh so many ways, the main one being ‘it mostly works’ rather than ‘it sometimes eventually works (Siri)’…I use both every day.

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