BREAKING: Garmin *DOWN* Again | Garminpocalypse II The Sequel

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Garmin is DOWN Again


Unbelievably, as of 30th August 2020 17:15 BST, Garmin Connect is down again. En masse, the status server shows all the key services appear not to be working.

Check the latest status here:

(Edit: 31 Aug 10am, BST. All appears normal now)

Garmin users will not forget the chaos from last month’s disaster when we were without the majority of Garmin’s offerings for the best part of a week.

I guess maintenance and general ‘bad stuff’ might happen at weekends but you just don’t get two ransomware attacks in consecutive months. Or at least you shouldn’t.




GarminPocalypse 1 : Ransomware Causes Major outage

Panic !

First up, definitely DO NOT PANIC. You can still use your Garmin to record your precious workout data and likely will also lose little, if any, activity data (sleep/steps).


If the only software you use is Garmin Connect then you just need to have a coffee and chill. This is beyond your control and there is nothing you can do about it.

However, if you use 3rd party software then you might be in luck. Conveniently, many Garmin devices can be directly accessed from a PC/MAC and you can manually copy individual workout files to 3rd party sites like STRAVA

If you plug your Garmin into your PC you can use FILE EXPLORER to navigate to the GARMIN/ACTIVITY or GARMIN/ACTIVITIES folder. you will see your workout files are FIT format files and are all named with the activity’s date.



If, for example, you want to force it up to STRAVA you only have to load up STRAVA on your PC/MAC and manually upload your missing files. Don’t worry, even when Garmin is back up and running duplicates will not appear on your STRAVA account.

Using a DESKTOP web browser such as FIREFOX, log into your STRAVA account and choose ‘UPLOAD ACTIVITY’ from the little ‘+’ sign in the top right-hand corner and navigate to the folder that contains the FIT files, like this:

Is Everything Working for You?

Five hours ago my files CORRECTLY UPLOADED TO GARMIN CONNECT and to STRAVA. I’ve manually uploaded one to Garmin Connect now and that seems OK. More investigation needed as to why Garmin’s status server is reporting errors.

Garmin’s only comment so far is, “Garmin Connect is currently experiencing an outage due to issues with one of our providers. We are working to resolve this as quickly as possible”. So this could be an easily-resolvable, 3rd party issue.

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With new Garmin products set to be announced WITHIN THE NEXT TWO WEEKS, *IF* this is another ransomware attack it will cause MAJOR problems with the launches.

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