new Shimano Di2 E-Tube App + Flagship EP8 E-Bike System

Shimano E-Tube News for September 2020

I’m a little bit excited today. Shimano has updated the not-so-great E-Tube app. Don’t get me wrong, Shimano’s Di2 is, in my opinion, awesome but the app that has configured it for years certainly did not deserve the AWESOME monicker. Now it’s changed and available 1st September 2020.

The new version 4.0.0 E-Tube app pretties things up a little for people like me with Di2, however, the biggest update is that it has extra functionality for managing and controlling Shimano’s new flagship EP8 E-Bike system. Take a quick look at the screen dumps and I’ll add some words afterwards.

Thus the main benefit here is configurable power profiles which you can adjust and save to match the expected rigours of different kinds of rides you encounter. Specifically, each power assist level (Boost, Trail and Eco) can be tweaked, resulting in 10 levels of assistance between 20-85Nm (depending on the mode setting) with battery-saving options too reducing the top-end to 30Nm. How the power boost is applied (assisted) is also configurable, and can be set for different rider profiles or ride types eg choosing the Mild setting gives riders smooth and steady assistance, whereas choosing the Quick setting provides assistance as soon as the crank is rotated.

Image | Shimano

EP8 Hardware

EP8 is now Shimano’s go-to, top-end E-Bike systems for MTB/Trail users of all levels, comprising the crankset/motor, battery, controllers and the new E-Tube app I’ve just briefly covered.

The two key hardware components are the battery and the drive unit. We already saw the new batteries back in May when they were first announced with the 630Wh battery (downtube BT-E8016, internal BT-E8036) and the smaller, faster-charging 504Wh internal battery (BT-E8035-L). Each is claimed to last 1000 charge cycles before dropping to 60% capacity.

The drive unit (DU-EP800) is over 20% more powerful than the previous model cranking out 85Nm torque and that even comes with a 300g weight saving (so you can carry a part-full water bottle to add back that weight 😉 ). AS well as a magnesium alloy delivering to the weight reduction, the internals are also claimed to be more efficient by reducing the power lost through internal friction.
Great stuff.

and yes I am going to try to get a freebie loan for my trip on the King Alfreds Way next year 😉

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Shimano EP8 Specifications & Technical features

Shimano gives these details
  • The EP8 drive unit runs with a 177mm Q-factor) and comes with its own dedicated cranks which are available in a new 160 mm length (also 165/170/175 mm).
  • The system will typically be spec’d with  SHIMANO’s new XTR/XT/SLX/Deore 12 speed drivetrain with Dynamic Chain Engagement+ (12 speed) and three chainring options (34T/36T/38T).
  • DU-EP800 uses the same frame mount pattern as DU-E8000 and DU-7000 meaning manufacturers can use the same frame design between multiple SHIMANO drive unit models.
  • SHIMANO EP8 is also compatible with mechanical shifting (9/10/11/12-speed) gear systems, Di2 (11-speed) systems and internal hub gear  (11/8/7/5-speed) systems. In particular, EP8 is fully compatible with the recently introduced NEXUS Inter-5 making high power Shimano internal hub gear City & Trekking bikes a true reality.
  • A new chain device (CD-EM800) is also available. The new mud-shedding design provides additional chain management and is compatible with 11-speed and 12-speed SHIMANO STEPS setups running 56.5mm or 53mm chain lines thanks to an adjustable space between the guide and chain.
  • The system can be turned on via buttons on the computer, the battery, or an in-frame button (EW-SW300) usually located on the top tube.

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