Ride with GPS | gets Heatmaps | RwGPS

Ride with GPS (RwGPS) have just announced some much-longed-for features for their sizeable base of users,…

Suunto Movescount – End of Life

Time to act. Owners of older Suunto devices need to URGENTLY understand what is about to…

Garmin 745 Review | Small Format, High-End Forerunner For Triathlon

My Garmin 745 Review Unit proved to be one of the VERY BEST triathlon watches. The…

Summary Judgement: Garmin Forerunner 745 Accuracy – Run Bike Swim

Garmin Forerunner 745, Summary accuracy results show it's definitely a contender for the 'could do better'…

DETAILED Accuracy Verdict: Garmin Forerunner 745 – Run Bike Swim analysis

Garmin Forerunner 745, DETAILED accuracy results show it's definitely a contender for the 'could do better'…

Garmin: Have we reached peak Garmin?

Peak Garmin Peak oil is a phrase relating to the maximum extent of oil production and…

STRAVA Gets Bluetooth Sensors – again

STRAVA adds back BLE sensor support in beta...now...but for a select few

Running Power – Comparison – A Windy, Hilly Run with Coros, Garmin, STRYD, Polar

A one-run comparison of the 4 main running power algorithms and sensors.

Garmin 945 / Fenix 6 – Big firmware update for the top-end Forerunners & Fenixes

*BIG* new features added to the Garmin Forerunner 945. Likey, likey.

WHOOP Data From the Tour de France with EF Pro Cycling

The Tour is over but the data analysis has only just begun.

plotaroute adds Snap-to routing for Garmin routing and more

The plot thickens as pedalling's plottiest plotting tool gets more plotting parameters.

Garmin Venu SQ First Thoughts | Comparison Apple Watch, Fitbit Sense

Garmin has thrown an electronic spanner in the works for the smartwatches of Apple & Fitbit.…

Garmin 745 vs 945 Comparison | Let’s Get Real | What the Forerunner Differences REALLY are.

Big vs Small, battery packed vs battery starved, maps vs no maps. Surely there must be…

Apple Watch 6 Accuracy – Run Bike Swim | First Workouts

Surprisingly good performances from the Apple Watch 6 for both GPS and oHR. Did it beat…

Apple Watch 6 – commentators initially overlooked these points

Some things the Apple Watch commentors overlooked with the new AW6...on my wirst now...YAY

Garmin 745 – New TRACK Mode – Good but needs a bit of work

Garmin Forerunner 745 and track mode looks promising

Zwift is $450m richer

Zwift has just secured an additional round of funding to the value of a cool US$450

Nike Zoom Pegasus 37 @ $76.98 and lot smore footwear – Deals of the Week at JackRabbit USA

Black Friday | Cyber Monday | Deals | Sales

more accurate Sony GNSS/GPS Chip for Garmin sports wearables

new Sony GNSS Chipset Thank you @Mario Interesting times ahead for sports-based GNSS accuracy. Not only…

STRYD + Coros PACE 2 Combo Double-Discount Deal : UK/EU

Fear Not. To the already discounted combo price with the gels thrown in just add a…

Garmin 745 | Available NOW | Initial Verdict

Garmin Forerunner 745 (FR745) delivers a massive increase in features and capabilities over the ageing 735XT

Apple Watch 6 | First Thoughts

Apple's online launch of the Watch 6 and Watch SE was a slick affair. We now…

Garmin 745 🏊🚴🏃 Specs | Thoughts | Review Follows

Latest specs and thoughts on the inbound Garmin Forerunner 745 - a well-specd mid-range tri watch.

Garmin | Kill the competition | A How-To Guide

Garmin – Beating Everyone Else? The Fitbit Sense, Apple Watch 6, Coros Pace 2 and several…

-> Garmin Venu SQ | First Images | First Thoughts

Chest Strap and the Garmin Venu SQ smart watch

Suunto 7 – more to routes than meets the eye

Suunto 7 lasts a bit longer, still looks as pretty and you can now turn the…

STRAVA | PowerDot Cool LinkUp

I love it when something unusual or clever pops up in my inbox.

Biostrap EVO – Gen 2 ready for pre-order

The Biostrap app has been updated with with several new features and improvements for existing users.

Deals: Wahoo Tickr Original [Roam/Bolt Bundles, Climb too]

20% off brings it down to just over £32 when bough DIRECT FROM WAHOO

Samsung | Bleak | Fitbit | Bleak | Garmin + Apple | Great-for-now

Latest Canalsys data for ex-factory shipments in North America by Canalysys show a bleak picture for…

Withings ScanWatch | Opinion

Even the name is right - it does what it says. It's a watch that scans...your…

Apple Watch 6 – it’s official, kinda

It's official. Apple has today confirmed that the Watch 6 might exist on September 15th

wattbike gets £11.5m – committed to Zwift

Wattbike has secured £11.5m of new funding and commits to its 3 bike products, app and…

Zwift Pace Bots | Pace Partners

Zwift to introduce pacers Zwift are currently testing the PACE PARTNERS feature in their FutureWorks lab.…

parkrun to return in October

parkrun to return on 24/31 October in England. Watch this space

addsfit Review | Mini & Max models comparison | theragun beater?

My addsfit review unit was well-made and a suprisingly good percussive, deep-tissue massage gun both Max…

TdF: Aru & Pinot might have Covid-19 ????? Tour de France Speculation

Might Fabio Aru and Thibaut Pinot have covid-19? That would explain their recent disappointments

major Suunto Updates *NOW* – firmware for models 9, 7, 5, 3

  new Suunto Firmware Major Release Suunto has today issued several major firmware releases across all…

Forget Pace, Ignore HR, 10 Reasons To Use Running Power

Here's 10 great reasons to make a move toward running with power.

new Peloton Equipment (bike, treadmill) and new Links to Apple

  Peloton Changes It looks like there are some significant changes about to be announced at…