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Garmin HRM-PRO Review Specification HR Chest Strap

Garmin HRM-Pro

Finally, the Garmin HRM-Pro chest strap has re-surfaced and I have already confirmed that it will be announced properly next week(ish) along with the Forerunner 745 and new Venu. The original leak on the HRM-PRO was SOOOO long ago that I’m going to have to google my own old posts to recall the details 😉

The image above is from Garmin (via Gadgets&Wearables) and is the first public taste you’ve had of the exact design, which is clearly the same as the HRM-TRI/HRM-RUN but in yellow/green! G&W also claim two BLE connections are added and that they are the only material difference from the HRM-TRI. My understanding is different but the two BLE connections are right. There still is an HRM-SWIM, of course, but I always wondered what happened to HRM-BIKE?


Available now: HERE and it will be priced initially at Eu/$129.00


My other source on this claims there is more to come than just 2xBLE connections! Indeed this is partly what we had last year where some Fenix 6 product listings on retailers sites clearly referenced ski power and ski dynamics (these might come later through firmware, IMO they should be here next week). Let’s just leave the mysterious source as ‘the internet#…it’s a mostly wonderful place.

Source: The internet

The HRM-PRO is probably going to become my strap-of-choice, although I’m using Wahoo Tickr and HRM-TRI right now (sometimes Polar H10). I used to get excited about heart rate straps but I’m not sure about the green on this one. I might have to switch over the blue bit from my HRM-TRI kinda like when you buy Georgio Armani clothes but take the labels out to avoid the embarrassment of being seen to spend 100 on a T-shirt – I’m going back a few years!



Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. $130/Eu92/£76 and might fall in 2019. Buying from my partners supports this site
Best Amazon/REI/Wiggle/PMC price is linked to. $99/Eu75/£60 and might fall in 2019. Buying from my partners supports this site


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48 thoughts on “Garmin HRM-Pro … Finally

          1. great question. Im waiting for release of Apple Watch or 955…
            than i want to decide which i should buy.
            my apple watch3 brokes one month ago and now running with my phone

          2. if i had to bet my money it would be for 2021.
            it’s much harder to say this year because the timings are all messed up and things that were happening are canned/delayed. (cv19) even fcc leaks are not necessarily set in stone (they never were)

          3. just a guess but it could be very very like the 945 crossed with the f6 with a few bits removed to justify a lower price and one mystery bit added to make us vaguely interested. it will be a good watch tho (probably)

          4. Garmins with barometer already have power from wrist. They have to come up with a more mysterious bit to make us vaguely interested. 😉
            Maybe a 245 in yet a thinner housing with 945 innards (sans the expensive stuff like music, pay and maps). I really liked how comfortable the 735XT wore due to its slim profile vs 2xx despite being a higher tier within Garmin’s line-up.

          5. yeah good point.
            the 235/735xt both seemed to be a proper sports watch and the 920xt also, despite the ‘looks’ of the latter. it was ‘obvious’ that garmin would take them onwards and upwards to better and more sporty things which, in a techy way, they did. But they lost the sporting SOUL of the forerunner range to the perceived need of delivering a more acceptable-looking 24×7 watch.
            coros seemed to realise there was something special about the 235 and copied it (Pace 1). they’ve probably still got the ‘soul’ of a sporting watch with the Pace 2’s feature set BUT have got confused in a different way to Garmin with the ‘CROWN’ (although it mostly works quite well)

          6. Pay and maps are not interesting to me. Music is a maybe. I opted for the 735xt because of the longer battery life (still rocking 2 weeks) over whatever running watch was available at the time (likely the FR630).

            The last FW update (v9.80) has been wonky for me (lost Stryd data on 2/10-11 runs, sometimes goes into an “Updating…” frenzy), the menus are all slow after pairing with Stryd, and the CIQ is EOL, so looking for a replacement. FR745 or Pace2 are at the top of my candidate list.

          7. that would at least simplify the september/october buying decision – buy 745 rather than wait to see what/when we get with a 955. would be great to know for sure whether the 955 is immenient. i like companies that clearly forecast upcoming releases to avoid buyer remorse

          8. Maybe 745 will get solar first of forerunners, if i remember correct 645 was first forerunner with music and payments(935 was flagship), shortly after 945 was launched

          9. hmm, i hadn’t considered that, there’s certainly some logic there as well as garmin currently riding the crest of their solar tech on other models.
            i guess it’s a real possibility. my heart says ‘No’

          10. i really dont know. i have given this some thought over the last few months.
            lte would be the ideal case but it seems too much of a leap.
            it’ll get many of the new tri-related/interface-related features that the f6/945 has already had, maybe they will be marketed as ‘new’ …but not really new to us.
            perhaps some niche transition-thing or courses-thing. perhaps just the sleep widget glance.
            what will be interesting is the look on the 745 product managers face right now with the coros pace 2. there’s no way garmin can or will price the 745 to entice people away from p2 but will the p2 entice 745 buyers to them…could be. this could be one of garmin’s first poorer performers. (then again there’s lots of 735xt models out there waiting to be upgraded)

  1. seems interesting. At the moment i’m using polar h10 because i prefer its design and the fact that i can remove the pod. Also It seems to be more accurate. I’m looking forward for the comparison between HRM pro and h10

  2. Good news, love my HRM-Run as it’s the only strap I’ve seen in 15+ years that’s been (nearly) infallible, all the others have had “quirks”. But I could use a BLE connection for Zwift instead of having to use a “quirky” (even on a bike) Decathlon Dual ANT/BLE strap…

    1. To be fair, my HRM-Run kept shorting (from sweat and water) after I opened it for the first time to change battery. It was only a matter of weeks after that till corrosion set in. So much for (nearly) infallible. I doubt Garmin changed the flimsy seal. On the plus side, I never had funky readings with my HRM-Run, the H10 can be quite quirky sometimes in colder conditions under a bunch of layers with dropping BLE/Ant+ connection or losing HR.

      1. Sure the corrosion wasn’t due to a 40cm error? I’ve replaced the HRM-RUN battery several times over the last 4 years, and never had an issue.

        1. 40cm ?
          You do have to be careful when changing the battery to put the seal back properly and when I think of it I put a bit of silicone grease to help with the seal.
          Glad to see I’m not the only one to find the HRM-Run (probably the same for the Tri) to be exceptionally consistent, it’s not a feature that’s much highlighted I find. Many reviews gloss over the “it took a while for HR to look accurate” type of comments and have a general “it’s good enough” approach. Nothing is more annoying than a “wandering” HR to me 😉

          1. “40cm error” means that the error can be found approximately 40cm behind the screen (ie: use error). Think of it as a Danish version PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair.

      1. 1) Be a pod.
        2) Offer a completely sealed and rechargeable device.

        I refuse to believe that it’s not possible to have a rechargeable battery with savvy programming to support it that could last at least 72 hours of continuous use (and recharge quickly). No housing issues with battery changes, no moisture problems, easily replace the strap with one you like (or after the electrodes die).

        Other metric data would be nice as well. (i.e cycling dynamics for those without a power meter).

  3. Is the 745 likely to sport a barometer? I didn’t realise how much I’d miss having one on the 245. There are such discrepancies between the strava / garmin connect / komoot elevations, it’s not even funny any more.

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