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addsfit Review | Mini vs Max comparison

My addsfit review unit had some intensive use after its recent arrival as the mini is super-easy and handy to use. It’s way less than half the price of the popular Theragun models, it’s easy to use as a handheld device and I find it nicely complements my much larger Thumper Mini Pro (reviewed here).

It digs DEEP, where larger percussive massagers might struggle and it might save you a small fortune by avoiding all those physio visits.

Here is a quick overview of the addsfit review followed by some more details if you page down to the discount codes. Thank you for using the links which help support this site.

addsfit Review
  • Price - 90%
  • Build Quality & Design - 95%
  • Features, Modes - 85%

addsfit Review Summary | Mini vs Max

, Thumper Mini Pro, Hyperice Hypervolt

  • Upper ITB – easily gets to the (very painful) spot



  • Much cheap than the competition
  • Easy to use and transport
  • Practical, lightweight design
  • Really massages those deep spots
  • Well-made. Quality that you wouldn’t be embarrassed about giving as a present to a loved one.
  • Great for glutes – penetrates deeply
  • Great for shoulders – lightweight and easily held in a difficult position
  • You can use it whilst doing something else (watching Netflix 😉 )


  • Only two replaceable heads
  • Less suitable for larger areas eg the full ITB. Still works but would take longer than, say, Thumper Mini Pro
  • I’m struggling…help me out here.



I love my Thumper Mini Pro and use it a lot. However, it’s a bit heavy for frequent, prolonged usage and doesn’t massage deeply enough. So I went in search of ‘something else’ and the addsfit mini seems a good value percussive massager that fills the gaps where my thumper struggles. As the following image shows, they are completely different beasts of a totally different scale.


addsfit Mini Opinion

I like it. I use it. My family likes it even more than I do! They use it in different bodily places to me but all the use cases we like boil down to LIGHTWEIGHT, EASY-TO-USE, DEEP/PRECISE MASSAGE OPTIONs.

Size comparison to toilet roll and to a CK-one perfume spray

addsfit Mini vs. addsfit Max


Here are the high-level specs comparing the two addsfit models. The main benefit of the MAX model is that there is a greater stroke force, though the mini is plenty painful enough for me. It also has a variety of accessory end pieces…I mostly only use the pointy one, so that’s of little interest to me. Against the greater stroke force and range of attachments would be a notably heavier and more expensive unit. I can’t see the benefit for me for the MAX model. If I got something bigger I would instead go for a much bigger, mains-powered Thumper Mini Pro because it has two heads to cover a larger area (but its relatively heavy).

Max Mini
Color Gun Grey Space Grey
Weight 900g 360g
Adjustable Speed 9 Speeds 3 Speeds
Massage Heads 5 Heads 2 Heads
Stroke Force 35 pounds 27 pounds
RPM 1700 – 3300 1600 – 3000
Battery Life 6-8h 6-8h
Travel Case
addsfit Quiet Technology

addsfit Mini Review – Other Points

It’s easy to use. Press and hold the button to turn it on or off, or just press the button to toggle between the 3-speed modes. If you want to change one of the accessory heads you just pull it out and push the other one in, they stay in firmly and need a little tug to get out.

It’s a newer USB-C charging cable (supplied)

addsfit Mini and addsfit Max are widely available on Amazon in the Eu or directly from the manufacturer in the USA and the headline prices seem broadly OK for this kind of product. However, there are some sweet discounts. Amazon will give you a £/Eu30 voucher to redeem at their site or you can use the code 5K202009 on Amazon checkout (Eu/UK only). Alternatively, if you want to help this site FROM THE USA then please use the code 5K202009 directly at where you get 10% off either model

Note: 3-year manufacturer guarantee when buying directly from – they have confidence in the longevity of their own product.

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