Apple Watch 6 – it’s official, kinda

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Apple Watch 6

It’s official. Apple has today confirmed that the Watch 6 might exist on September 15th

As predicted here (along with lots of other AW6 stuff) today was the day. Kinda. Today was supposed to be the launch event for the AW6 but instead, today is the day that Apple has announced a launch event, which is on September 15th. OK, let’s be less excitable and more precise: in fact, they’ve announced ‘A‘ launch event for ‘something’ rather than ‘THE’ launch event for the AW6. Anyway, ignore that, it WILL be for the AW6 (probably 2 models), probably the iPad Air 4 and also the iPhone 12.

This is unfortunate news for Garmin’s launch of the Venu Gen 2, 745, HRM-Pro (and maybe more) which is supposedly the following day (Wed 16 Sep). Maybe Garmin will change that launch event to instead announce the date for a subsequent launch event?

Want some Garmin speculation as well? Here it is: The 745 might have LTE. That’s from one eagle-eyed reader who might possibly, perhaps, maybe, have spotted an LTE icon ‘somewhere’ (somewhere that I’ve seen as well to be fair, I’m not sure it’s an LTE icon tho, but I’m not dismissing it.). I’ve had zero corroboration of LTE on the 745.

Want to know what the 745 looks like and if it has Training Load Focus? Hmm. You could just press PgDn, I guess, but don’t expect any surprises.

Apple Watch 6 – likely specs, rumours, news and release date


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11 thoughts on “Apple Watch 6 – it’s official, kinda

    1. It wasn’t great with the vivoactive 3 (I think about 4 hours), but that was over a year and a half ago now. I’m hoping this will be true (for a 745 LTE) since I’ve been hoping for any decent FR or fenix with LTE ever since the.

    2. (Not sure where my reply went) for the vivoactive 3 it was 4 hours. But it’s been almost 2 years since that release. Hoping for a 745 LTE because I’ve been wanting any decent forerunner or fenix with LTE since they released the vivoactive 3 LTE.

    3. Will drastically reduce battery life if used for streaming. Will be more useful if used on demand for initial GPS lock, emergencies, route rerouting, etc.

      1. I don’t think even with the vivoactive 3 LTE you could stream, just download music. But if used for live tracking, gps, and listening to downloaded music, that was about 4 hours. If they could improve that even 6 or 8 hours, that’d be fine with me.

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