parkrun to return in October

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parkrun Returns – October 2020


Great news today as parkrun announces that they are planning to return in October. Details are sketchy about how and exactly where but that’s all the news that many of us need to buy yet another pair of trainers and a new watch.

First up, the bad news. It looks like the restrictions in place across the different Home Nations means that only parkrun in England will be up and running in October. Furthermore, it looks like the return will be toward the end of October meaning 24th October or 31st October. After waiting half a year…I can wait a few more weeks.

Damp Squib? Is parkrun dead? …a resounding NO. Surveys organised by parkrun show that 80% of existing, active parkrunners would return in 4-weeks time given the chance. Even if 80% levels are not achieved, it looks likely that we will still get some very big turnouts.

Social Distancing? I’ve no idea how this can be handled other than by making parkrun into a Time Trial format where people are started off at regular intervals. I’m sure the clever people at parkrun have a very cunning plan.

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2 thoughts on “parkrun to return in October

  1. Based on their weekly podcast, they dead set against changing their simple timing system. Instead, they suggest moving start lines by up to 0.2km to reduce crowding and keeping pre race briefings short.

    Based on university aided research they conducted, the chance of infection is much lower outdoors, and the virus is not going to go away any time soon, so we just going to have accept the risk and live with it.

    1. sounds sensible, i’m still not going back to indoor pools (changing rooms) or the gym and i reckon outdoors is ok but…
      2000 people at the bushy park parkrun startline (my local) sounds less than sensible. #PR #covid-Images

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