STRYD + Coros PACE 2 Combo Double-Discount Deal : UK/EU

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Coros PACE 2 plus STRYD Deal

Buy them both and get a bundle discount plus a free box of gels. What’s not to like? “The price,” I hear you say. You continue “It’s a fair enough deal, I know, but…well…I wish it were less.”

Fear Not. To the already discounted combo price with the gels thrown in just add a sneaky little THE5KRUNNER10 discount code and, Bob’s your uncle, a further 10% off. This is surely a mistake but I let New Running gear know about it a few hours back and it’s still there (see image above). So…. you know what to do. When it’s gone…it’s gone.

There is the same kind of deal for any of the coros watches plus STRYD. Different price points but the same principle applies.



  • Pace 2: £190
  • STRYD 4: £200
  • Gels: £10 (let’s say)
  • Total: £400
  • What you pay: £300. 25% off by my maths

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4 thoughts on “STRYD + Coros PACE 2 Combo Double-Discount Deal : UK/EU

  1. As of typing this, only the white silicone strap version is available – all other are sold out and cannot be pre-ordered.
    And I have a Stryd already 😉

    I think I’ll support my local dealer instead.

  2. A great price indeed. And something needed to be done, as DCR mentioned – why buy Stryd when Coros gives you free power? The devil is in the detail, but most potential new customers would see it as simply as that.

    From a marketing point of view I think “Buy a Coros get a 1/2 price Stryd” would look better. As it would make the Coros pod seem almost redundant.

      1. A £100 discount whether is marketed as 10% plus an extra 10% off the whole package, or just 50% off the pod, is the same discount. But yes I guess Stryd need to be careful how their product is sold 🙂

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