Apple Watch 6 – commentators initially overlooked these points

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Apple Watch 6

Apple Watch 6

I’ve only had my Apple Watch 6 for a very short while and have already got some sports test accuracy results to show for when I have the time to write them up. For now, I wanted to very briefly reflect on the tech that seems to have been largely overlooked. Indeed in the build-up to the AW6 launch, I was a keen reader of some of the ‘leaks’, I thoroughly enjoyed them and added a few forecasts myself (Apple Watch 6 Forecasts – not too shabby btw). One thing I noticed was that there were only a very small number of sites that had ‘original ideas or content’..surprising as those few original ideas soon became multiplied across many other outlets. Hopefully, I can do my bit for original, sports-related content on the Apple Watch 6 in 2021.

Here are some things that commentators initially missed (not all, but many)

  • WiFi – The Wifi capability of the Apple Watch 6 (not SE) has been increased and is now Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz & 5GHz. That’s no big deal as it’s just the 5GHz frequency that’s been added. It’ll affect relatively few people but I’m one of them. Hopefully, my Home Mesh WiFi will endure yet another new device and serve it at far greater speeds than even the Starship Enterprise could manage.
  • Optical HR – OK, yes every commentator said that the oHR unit can now do SpO2 blood measurements. As far as I know, only dcrainmaker and myself initially pointed out this means that it’s an entirely new oHR unit, indeed even Apple says there are only 2 gens of the oHR sensor which sounds wrong to me – visually there are 3, surely. The repercussions of the new oHR unit could well be better power management and/or better accuracy for regular HR/HRV readings…or worse – I’m on it. Either way, don’t worry, watch this space. (Edit: first HR tests look very good across several sports.)
  • The U1 Ultra Wideband chip seems largely to have gone unnoticed too. This is essentially going to be used to ‘find/do stuff’ over short distances..might that be linked to the leak of the new Apple Tags…err, maybe, definitely. They will be like Chipolo but better and you’ll never lose your keys again. Of course, you won’t need your keys because the AW6 may also use UWB to support Apple Car Key.

Apple Watch 6 Accuracy – Run Bike Swim | First Workouts

  • OK, the Fast Charging battery was mentioned quite a bit but the new charge rates of 1 hour to 80% and 1.5 hours to 100% are still an improvement of 30 minutes and 60minutes, respectively, over the previous version. This means there is a new battery, either in full or part. Part of the overall battery ‘solution’ could have been replaced in favour of a faster charging battery tech. Even ignoring the tech an improved battery clearly means that Apple is taking SLEEP TRACKING more seriously than before as you can now probably perform a quick evening charge to top up your battery for wearing overnight. From my experience though this will NOT be a practical solution. Some people will be that organised but most won’t be…and they will eventually stop using sleep tracking and leave the watch charging overnight. Apple NEEDS a better battery life than specified by the (unchanged) 18 hours (Old battery specs, 44mm, 296 mA·h, 3.814 V, 1.129 W·h). My suspicion is that we will see that the new battery is slightly better than it seems on paper and so disabling things like SpO2 WILL save battery and hence make longer than 18 hours more achievable….the truth will be in testing to whether or not that will take us through the night at the end of a sporty day.
  • As many have said, the real game-changers for Apple Watch, this time around, are linked to the ecosystem around it. Most notably the Fitness+ and One subscription services which will be money-spinners and cashflow generators for Apple. But don’t forget increased device-side sales that will come from decoupling Apple Watch ownership from iPhone ownership – meaning that your kids or your frail grandparents can have an Apple Watch controlled through your phone/account. For your kids, this will prove you are an untrusting, control freak and for your frail grandparents, this will (unfortunately) just be a money-spinner for Apple as they will probably forget to charge it and the fall-detection or SpO2 alerts just won’t happen – I’m half-joking there about the elderly loved ones in my family…but you get the more serious point that tech is only as good as the user. Either way, good tech or bad tech – it still will be tech that sells.
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Apple Watch 6 – My First Thoughts

After finally buying AW6 and after finally getting it all updated and working I’m enjoying the rest of my day (what’s left of it). It’s a commercially good move for Apple (obvs) but unless my accuracy tests for GPS/oHR over the next week show improvements I’m just going to shrug and go on a quest to find the prettiest watch face.

Apple Watch 6 Accuracy – Run Bike Swim | First Workouts

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Apple lover

Man, you are so far off the Mark it’s unreal!

First, most of the predications you made was largely available on other sites. You didn’t even get the model numbers right! You added the regulators reference!

Then the bit about coverage today. Lots of videos and reviews have mentioned, all of these features.

You might know Garmin and others. But you are not close to being a Apple expert.


Damn i hate the fanbois! no constructiveness out of fanboisms.

keep it up 5krunner! will look forward to your apple watch reviews.

Not apple fanboy

Nothing todo with a fanboy. Just calling out the arrogant opener of this article!

“Here’s a few things that commentators missed”

Most of what you put after that had been commented on and discussed. 99% of it is on most of the YouTube videos

Then the Apple Watch 6 forecast comment.

Most of which had already been predicated on other sites. Jon posser mentioned most of it for one!

Don’t get me wrong, the stuff you write is insightful. But this article is way off the mark. Just makes you look stupid and arrogant


“regular HR/HRV readings” – Does this mean it now records every second during day to day usage and sleep?

Rant – I can understand Apple not creating an app for Android where you can view and analyse your watch data, but not having a web platform (like Garmin Connect/Polar Flow) that you can sync data to via a simple PC/Android/iPad app is terribly anti competitive. The remember having an iPod that allowed song uploads via a Windows PC.