Suunto Movescount – End of Life

Suunto names the day – 13 October 2020

Suunto has announced the much-trailed date for the closure of Movescount and that date is 13 October 2020. Specifically, the Movescount APP is no more and the MOVESCOUNT web platform will no longer be updated with MOVES/workouts.

For the vast majority of Suunto users, this will not involve disruption as they should now be using the Suunto app.

EDIT: Suunto changes the day: See an amended announcement stating life will go on until 2021

Example: I use a modern device like a Suunto 9

For normal day-to-day use, you will already be using the Suunto app. For software/firmware updates and GPS optimisation you will still use Suuntolink on your computer linked by your existing USB cable. You will have no access to MOVESCOUNT.

Example: I use an older device like an Ambit or Traverse.

Fear not. You have not been forgotten and there is a way forwards that also seems to also give you new access to new app-based functionality like the heatmaps. Suunto has created a nice guide for your exact model of watch and it explains the path forward for you. It’s here –

Another key date for you is 27 October and that is when your MOVESLINK2 service closes.

Example: How do I get my data?

All Suunto users will have their data automatically synced to the Suunto app and there is a further option to export it all from where you can get a link to download a zip file of all your data.


Moving Forwards

Suunto App – everyone will have data in the Suunto app. It will just get there in different ways for older devices

Suuntolink – Will work with every device. It will just do different things – it will update GPS for every device and also watch software (S9) and  sports mode/routes/apps (A1, A2, A3, Traverse)

It’s hard to summarise and generalise! Full details here –

Some Thoughts

Suunto has listened. Newer Suunto users will be reassured to learn that longstanding users are being given new ways to keep their devices alive and kicking. Some users of older devices will not be happy that every feature continues to work.



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30 thoughts on “Suunto Movescount – End of Life

  1. That is good news but what about some new devices anything on the horizon i want to buy a new suunto but the 9 is to big and the 7 to short of a battery life if i do mtb trips a day

  2. I appreciate what you’re doing with this list but but it seems very biased. For example, you’re posting every leak there is about garmin, but keeping silent about Polar or Coros (or others) because they’re giving you pre-release info and test devices. Seems a little unfair.

  3. Where is the good news for those of us using Ambit3 peak? We lost complex intervals, tags, wireless customization, wireless updating of routes and POI-s, web platform to analyze our activities. How is this a good news? How can this be characterized as “Suunto listened”?! They stabbed us in the back with this. Our watches have been significantly crippled. And what we’ve got from Suunto? Some discount that cannot be used during the holidays? How convenient… Suunto is treating their customers like garbage.

    1. I hear ya.
      At some point we have to step back and look at technical and commercial reality.
      If we want any kind of platform support moving into the distant future then the company needs to remain on a sound commercial footing. Suunto has certainly done more than they initially planned to.
      Yes, I appreciate there is a ‘customer service’ comeback to what I just said.

    2. This is an interesting – and widely shared – point of view. I dont’ really share it that much, however.

      Yes, there are things that will be gone from Ambit3 devices. But it’s not as clear cut.
      Complex intervals were not a native feature of Ambit3 (they were added 6 months to 12 months later via updates), and while they are indeed going away – one interesting point though is that they do not exist in newer devices, so it’s not like this can be read as a move to drive people to a new device that has this feature. They don’t.
      Tags are gone, but the “description” field in Suunto App effectively does the same. Wireless updating of routes and POIs was never a feature of Movescount App – there was a workaround to make it happen, but it has never been marketed so really it’s not been taken away.
      Wireless customization, yes. This is definitely a sore point.
      Web platform to analyze activities is true, but also lazy. There are several partner services that SuuntoApp links to free and web based, that offer that. What is the real advantage in having that done in-house is unclear to me.

      I understand the frustration – I really do. And there definitely are customers that bought a device with one specific feature going away in mind (maybe it’s complex workouts, but that’s almost the only one I can see justifying it). But I think that the sense of betrayal is really coloring most of these opinions more than any objective analysis of what’s happening – which is a digital service is changing, some devices released 6 years ago are losing something but they also are earning something (that might not be relevant to everyone, of course, such as an overall better mobile app for community, sharing, exploring, data in activities, trends, or the abundance of partner services), and this might be enough for them to decide they don’t want to buy products of the brand anymore.

      1. nicely put
        I do share the feelings to an extent though. when things are taken away that we ‘love’ we dont like it eg i have had st3.1 taken away and garmin dont properly give direct cable access to music-enabled watches (but do to others), so those things annoy me because I’ve had them before.

      2. Oh but I do understand them as well.

        The reason I don’t feel that way, likely, is that I own an Ambit original, which really is not losing anything at all (which is awesome), and a Sunuto 9 Baro – so I am not in those shoes most likely.

      3. Hi Tim.
        Descriptions are really far less usefull feature than tags. There is no autocomplete so you are relying on your memory to write exactly the same description if you need to compare the activities later. Insted on clicking on a tag, to filter something now you need to type.
        What do you mean by “Wireless updating of routes and POIs was never a feature of Movescount App – there was a workaround to make it happen”? What workaround?! This was regular feature of a Movescount app. Movescount app enabled full syncing capability to Ambit3 watches. The only time A3 user needed the cable is when it needed charging or fw update. For literally everything else, Movescount app was a way to go. I used this very often when in mountains. If I get a better route gpx from fellow hikers, to enter POI coordinates with names etc. To do that now, I have to carry laptop and cable with me. That is very inconvenient…
        Another thing… Date of release of a device is really of no importance in justifying the removing of features because this watch is not discontinued. It’s still being sold in their webshop. And only recently (few days ago) they actually removed those missing features from description. If date of release would mean anything for watches they are currently selling and set of features they are offering, than they would have to be obliged by law to present the buyer with timeframe this will hold true. I’m not aware they ever said that these features are offered now and we’ll see for how long…
        I won’t deny that Suunto app has some nice features. If you compare it with Movescount app alone, it’s pretty obvious that it is much better. But, Movescount app was for Ambit3 just a simple solution to connect your watch with a great web service, one stop shop so to say, for Suunto watches that offered everything, from watch setup, web analysis of activities, social media sharing, connecting with partners to discovering new routes, drawing and editing them and uploading to your watch. Suunto app is nowhere near this experience. You would need several partner connections to do the same, many of them only with paid subscription and still it would not be the same. Not to mention that I’m not so comfortable with sharing my personal data with so many services just to get experience that I used to have with Movescount only…

  4. Speaking of the leaks and recent changes in polar flow, do you have any idea for vantage v2 launch time frame?

    1. define ‘useless’
      crystal balls are never made from clear glass. the future is murky and uncertain.

      it’s actually a very hard list to keep maintained. it takes a lot of work and for just about zero return, other than making me happy. reward enough.

  5. I meant with that you don’t reveal full info. And its very unfair. IMO whether give full info you know on all manufacturers or none at all. People read that list to make their future purchase decisions. Most of them will not buy a new Polar as they see that a new one is nowhere to be seen, they will choose Garmin, cause there’s like 5 new models upcoming in the net 3 month according to you which they consider a reliable source. Also, as I know you won’t change anything cause you honor the NDAs (and you should), I don’t see how this list is fair and useful. No offense, just my thoughts. I hope you caught up my thoughts

  6. In general it is useful and i really enjoy your site. I also agree that this world is not fair, but what i meant with that – equal rules that apply to everyone and every manufacturer.
    Also – there seems to be something broken with directly replying to a message (seems like you can do it but not me). I click on reply but it posts as a new reply in general thread.

    1. i wasn’t aware that was how the comments were behaving, thank you. the interface i see for comments is a list of all of them rather than against each post (although it tells me the post)
      i’ve re-enabled wpDiscuz. which might fix it and which also introduces other comments functionality like, iirc, the ability to edit comments for up to 15 minutes.

      1. With wpDiscuz enabled, the threading is back. Your kick of the box also enabled me to comment again. ty

  7. Neither SuuntoApp nor SuuntoLink can transfer power data stored in the watch. This is a big loose for Ambit + Stryd users. The custom apps and workout feature can also be forgotten. I moved to Garmin FR945 in May, shortly after purchasing stryd and don’t regret it. I loved my Ambit, it still works, but Garmin’ is light-years ahead. The biggest savings you can have to look elsewhere…

    1. “Neither SuuntoApp nor SuuntoLink can transfer power data stored in the watch” not sure about that for the newer watches. IDK for the older ones, interesting.

      1. Newer watches are fine, only old ones are affected by the omission of power field. I talked to a Suunto community manager(D.K.) on Suunto fb. forum, he promised he will log a case, but as later found out, the suunto forum is full with these kind of promises. Guess what, nothing happened. Whenever someone reported this, he received the “We were not aware of that, thanks for letting us know, I will log a case….” This was the most unrespectfull way of treating customers, that made me switch to G: the drop of functionality for a just purchased watch… The 30% discount is a marketing bullshit. Why would I pay for another aging model when they might also drop support for it in the feature?

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