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More than a water bottle
  • Price - 90%
  • Build Quality & Design - 80%




The SmrT Cargo Water Bottle from SmrT Hydration is one of those products that you knew must exist but had never seen one. Sure you can get a product that fits in your cage that you can put stuff in but there is a dearth of multi-functional bottles that can both store ‘stuff’ as well as fluid.

The obvious advantage of this product is that you can more easily transfer it between bikes AND in a format that you would be using anyway for carrying fluids on longer rides.

SmrT’s bottle holds 500ml of liquid in the top half of the bottle that is also squeezable. You can unscrew the top half to reveal storage that will easily hold several items and which is big enough even for an 80mm valve stem (scroll down to see what I have in my current under-seat storage)

My regular empty High5 bottle holds over 700ml and weighs 86g, with SmrT you lose 200ml (500ml) and gain 49g more (135g). That’s no big deal to me. Plus, if you think about it, 500ml is probably enough for many 60-120 minute rides and for longer rides you would be carrying a second bottle in any case.

SmrT is priced at $19.95 with free shipping in the USA and might come to the UK. DiB bottles are similar but in a shape that’s harder to clean and DiB comes in higher at $24-$28.

Futures: Who’s going to invent an e-bottle with battery and USB charging port plus the padded space to more safely store a larger phone 🙂 (with fluid storage too)


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  • Probably a safer storage place than a back pocket.
  • Easily transferable between bikes
  • Saves having an ‘ugly’ under-seat storage solution
  • Store tools, gels, battery pack or maybe even your small burner phone
  • Storage is sufficiently waterproof but might get condensation


  • Stored items might rattle #RagCloth
  • Reduces water capacity
  • The design could be prettied up
  • Colours may not match your bike
  • If the bottle pops out you’d definitely go back to retrieve it #NoLittering

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    1. i have 10spd and 11spd chain links and the extender in case others have problems. i always have the 80mm stem on the tube as it will fit all my wheels and anybody else’s

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