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nrc p-ride review specifications nrc eyewearNRC P-Ride Review HOCO

The NRC P-Ride HOCO collection are frameless, cycling-specific sunglasses mostly suited for sunnier or partially cloudy days, here’s a quick summary with more detail if you scroll further below.

NRC P-Ride Verdict


NRC P-Ride Review

Look great and best-suited for sunnier days

These are a great fit which grip well and stay in place when cycling. You get a quality Zeiss lens and ‘proper’ hinges to complete a great physical package.

As you can see, the style is that of a non-framed, cylindrical lens which aids peripheral vision and keeps the lens relatively close to the face. I’ve got bigger lenses on other glasses and these are a sensible size that doesn’t restrict airflow too much and hence remained mostly mist free.

The lens has some unusual, stylistic details such as the groove at the edge of the lens and the hexagonal pattern built into the lens structure. Certainly not boring and I kinda like it like that.

They are designed and made in Italy with Zeiss lenses and come in a variety of lens colours and frame colour combinations.

I’m not a salaried journalist and if you use the 10% discount code directly with the manufacturer then you support the work here – thank you.


  • Great lens, good clarity
  • Good peripheral vision
  • Good on sunny days


  • Fixed lens/frame combination
  • Perhaps best-suited for brighter days

NRC P-Ride HOCO Review Design Details

These are well-made, sport-specific glasses and have some interesting functional details adding to the ‘looks great’ effect.

NRC P-Ride HOCO lens

Zeiss Lens – Awesome

The lens comes in 8 colours and is a single flattened lens rolled cylindrically to fit the shape of your face. The mirrored and honeycomb effects make the lens visually striking. As the frames only attach on the edge of the lens no frame is required above or below the lens and so your vision is unhindered, which is great for cycling. Vision is crystal clear and there is no distortion at the peripheries.

NRC P-Ride HOCO Hinge and Arm

The hinges bolt directly through the lens and so the lenses are not designed to be interchangeable. It’s a quality hinge construction that’s designed to last well unlike some other brands who have a plastic-on-plastic hinge. As the arms are thin they were easily positioned aroud the helmet straps and behind my ears without interfering with the helmet in any unusual way.


nrc p-ride review specifications nrc eyewear

NRC P-Ride HOCO Nose Bridge

There is a one-size-fits-all nose bridge which is adjustable and I found it comfortable.

nrc p-ride review specifications nrc eyewear

NRC P-Ride Specifications HOCO


  • Frame: Black, mostly frameless design

  • Lens: Matt Super Charged Flat Mirror Lens with Shiny Double Mirror Honey Comb design

  • Lens colours: pink, red, blue, yellow, gold, green, blue, silver
  • Filter Category: 2

  • Adjustable nose pad

  • Stright arm with grip
  • Anti-scratch

  • Hydrophobic + Oleophobic lens

  • Impact-resistant


NRC P-Ride HOCO Aesthetics

The glasses are visually striking.

Unsure how you will look? Try these


NRC P-Ride HOCO Review Ride Conditions

I’ve probably covered upwards of 500 miles with the NRC glasses in a variety of summer-to-autumn weather conditions, these glasses are a good cycling all-rounder. On the colder days, there is some misting if you stop at the end of an exerting climb but otherwise, I found the airflow was sufficient to keep them mist-free. On the sunnier days, they were great except when sometimes going across road shadows caused by tree cover, on those days a clear lens would have been better for that but less good out in the bright sunlight.

You will find these great to use for most of the day but as the evening draws in there’s probably 30-60 minutes before sunset when they might be a tad too dark.

On the occasions where you want to cooly stash your glasses in your helmet recesses, it seemed to work for me.

nrc p-ride review specifications nrc eyewear


NRC Pro Riders

FDJ, Cofidis and Astana pro team riders have all used NRC cycling glasses.

Buy NRC P-Ride  HOCO Alternatives

You can easily get cheaper, inferior lenses on generic sunglasses. For a different aesthetic style to these NRC bike glasses I’m going to add some alternatives in here over time but for now, you could instead check out the larger-sized Sungod Vulcans and see what you think.

nrc p-ride review specifications nrc eyewear

Buy NRC P-Ride  HOCO, Discounts, Price & Availability

You can buy these directly from the manufacturer with a 10% discount (code to follow)

The HOKO is the Special Edition lens coming in at Eu199.00 with prices lower at Eu125.00 for an unpatterned, non-HOCO lens.

Link: Amazon (Eu, UK – non-HOCO)




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