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Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale


Garmin has launched the Index S2 Smart Scale with listings now on some of its global sites where availability is stated as Q4.2020.

The previous smart scale from Garmin was not highly rated and it looks like Garmin has taken on board what scales need to do for health and fitness focussed types and it now supports up to 16 of you transmitting stats over WiFi and also into Garmin Connect. I’m assuming it would be crazy if it didn’t automatically update the underlying health data in Apple/Google Health as well…we shall see. Although not recommended, STRYD users could then update their power measurement calculations daily with an accurate weight factor, there’s a similar principle for Zwift.

Garmin Index S2 Smart Scale Features

So there’s some good stuff there are you sporty types can check that weight increases are muscle-increasing, dieters can check that their fat volumes are decreasing and those of us concerned about the health and resilience of elderly relations can take the scales round to their house and periodically check their bone mass.

At three times the price of similarly-featured, consumer scales, in my opinion, Garmin needs to get these metrics closing in somewhere close to what you get from medical-grade scans like DEXA.


It remains to be seen how accurate the body composition stats are and how well the scales are at automatically recognising different people (if at all).

There could be lots of interesting ways that the data gets juggled around and shared in the cloud, most obviously it will get there by WiFi and via your Connect smartphone app.

Garmin Index S2 vs “S1”


Release date S2




Dimensions 320x310x28 mm 350x310x30 mm
Weight 2.0 kg 2.8 kg
Battery <9 months; uses 4x AAA batteries <9 months; uses 4x AA batteries
BLE capable Yes Yes
ANT+ compatible Yes. Yes
WiFi Yes, 2.4GHz. With up to 7 WiFi Networks. Yes, 2.4GHz 802.11 b/g/n
Colour display Yes No
Colours Black/White Black/White
RRP $149.99 $149.99


Garmin Index S2 Specifications

The following link will be updated when products are correctly available and listed in stores as of 15 Oct there are now some listings (Wiggle UK for a start)




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