Garmin Releases for 2021 | rumored 955, Fenix 7, 1040, Dual GPS and more

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new Garmin GPS Watches Q4.2021

Edit: updated with H1.2022 intel below

A year ago there was a leak of planned new Garmin models for 2020-21. At the time, and for many months since some of those potential models were labelled as ‘ridiculous’ by some commenters.  I think now is a good time to have a quick recap of the level of accuracy of those rumours and to see what we might have left in store for 2021.

This article is in 2 parts with a quick look at the leaks from last year that have almost all come to fruition and then further below my thoughts on what else is probably scheduled/due for release this year. There are also links to a couple of other posts where some of this stuff is discussed in much more detail.

Here are the leaked models with a TICK next to the ones that happened

There we go. Accurate after all, despite the CV19 delays. 

Note: Garmin ENDURO thew us all for a while and it was assumed that this was in some way a mistake or a bike product. Nope. The leak was correct. It’s actually 2 top-end watches.

More detailed comments are further below on what might be in store for us in late 2021 and beyond

Garmin Anti-Predictions – What WON’T happen in 2021


There are a LOT of plausible arguments for a LOT of new Garmin replacement models in 2021/22 against that bear in mind delays from Covid-19 and delays from the significant supply chain disruptions and chip shortages of H2.2021.

ALL of the models below just won’t happen too quickly. If in doubt about what should come first…follow where the money leads you to think (Edge/Vivoactive/Fenix)

  1. For Q2. 2022, my bet for the next Garmin Edge would be the Edge 140 and the Edge 1040. That’s a slightly controversial prediction but the Edge 1040 has been leaked twice no so it WILL be happening sometime soon. Then I’m guessing the Edge 140 (zero intel) will be released at the same time with a much later 840/540 joint release maybe even in 2022.
  2. Garmin released the ✔️  745. This is NOT a mid-range tri watch. It is a smaller, non-PRO version of the high-end FR945, so there is still scope for Garmin to target the mid-market position of the 735XT if they want to. More likely is that they will let the price of the FR935 drift lower to take up the mid-market mantle, at least in terms of price it’s mid-market. We’re talking about targetting Coros Pace 2 and any Polar Vantage M replacement, maybe the Pace 2 is at a lower-to-mid price point. Anyway, you get the drift there is still scope for a cheaper Garmin tri watch.
  3. Don’t expect a Fenix 6 Plus. The SOLAR models were the F6+. Fenix 7 is definitely next in Jan 2022?
  4. A Fenix 7 AMOLED will happen in H1.2022, probably Q1.2022 (aka January!)I wonder what they could call it as they would need to distinguish it from the Fenix. I don’t know, maybe Garmin Epix 2 or Garmin EPIX LTE? Well, I do know…Epix is back albeit in a round format.
  5. It’s obvious that LTE-somethings will be on the cards at some point and further likely that such tech will find its way onto all higher-end models to a) justify a replacement high-priced model and b) be a tech gateway to enable new features without a phone. The limiters are Garmin’s global ability to get commercial access to the right cell networks; meaningful LTE features over limited bandwidth; and customer demand! We’ve seen LTE on the VA3 & 945, my speculation would be LTE for Fenix, high-end forerunners, high-end Vivoactive, Venu and maybe at some point the Edge 1040/540. Providing that commercial viability can be secured, I suspect there will be MORE interest and demand for LTE than might initially seem to be the case (it will eventually enable some cool sporty stuff)
    • ✔️An FR945 replacement in April 2021 would match a 2-year release cycle the arrival of 945LTE delays the likelihood of FR955 to Spring 2022 (kinda confirmed by a leak)
    • A Fenix 7 will be early 2022 (Jan)
    • ✔️a 945LTE makes no sense to me, at least not as the only LTE model but the 945LTE is leaked in multiple sources and IS happening. What will be more interesting will be what new features are included AND if the 945LTE gets any upgraded hardware (which it probably will eg ELEVATE gen 4✔️). Edit we now have many 945LTE features leaked HERE perhaps the most interesting is that it appears to be a small format shell ie like the 745. (Edit: now launched, Edit: 955 already exists but wont be launched until mid-2022ish)
    • Venu SQ LTE makes sense to me. A good bet for October 2021
  6. ✔️GARMIN RALLY: Vector 4 will be released, I’m guessing it’s more likely to be around the end of Q1.2021. Maybe there will be a ruggedised, off-road (gravel/MTB) version too? (Edit: yes!!! 6x Garmin Rally SKUs, one spindle length, dual/single, LOOK/spd/spd sl, maxing out at $1200 on Wed 24 March.)
  7. The 655 is overdue but not rumoured. Maybe there is too much overlap with the triathlon models for Garmin to bother with a new model here? Maybe February’s ENDURO effectively becomes the top-end Forerunner running watch? That DOES make sense to me.
    • Jan 2022 would match a 4-year release cycle. Perhaps there will be a different, top-end running watch 😉
  8. A Forerunner 245Plus in April 2022 would match a 3-year release cycle targeting the Spring start to the running season.
  9. A Garmin Vivoactive 5 and 5S Release Date for September 2021 (Venu) would match a 2-year release cycle. However, VA5 is not widely leaked. ✔️ Garmin Venu 2 *IS* however leaked (*NOT* the square Venu SQ one…the OLED one that will probably have LTE this time around).
  10. April 2022 would match a 3-year release cycle for an Edge 530 replacement. (Edge 530 Plus or Edge 540). This could be an interesting one to watch as we see the effect of Karoo 2 & Wahoo Elemnt on sales and I would imagine that Wahoo must be due a replacement or addition to their ELEMNT range (no intel on that at all – it was the ✔️  BOLT 2). Again, Garmin will be worried about Wahoo to some degree, less so about Hammerhead – at least for now. However, the only leaks are for the Edge 1040 (think Solar and/or LTE…with few new actual cycling features). April has gone…I know, I know.
  11. ✔️At the lower end, there WILL be an FR55 in Q3.2021…I’m less interested in writing about that. (Just have! but that’s it!)

I could talk about Solar trickle-down, or LTE, or new sporty variants. The following linked post does that towards the end where you might find some of the sections about impending tech to be interesting (or not!).

2022: Sports Watch Update: All new & current Bike/Run/Tri/Fitness Models with GPS. Rumors + replacement dates for Garmin, Apple, Polar, Suunto, Wahoo, Samsung, Fitbit, Whoop

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52 thoughts on “Garmin Releases for 2021 | rumored 955, Fenix 7, 1040, Dual GPS and more

  1. Long question short: i’m waiting for the ‘next’ high end tri watch a 955 or fenix 7 or something similar. Before reading this post i was convinced something would be presented in 2020…

    My loved 920xt is slowly dying and it miss some feature like physio trueup (usefull if u use an edge too).
    I think that maybe it s time for a fenix 6x pro or 945…but i admit …i won’t be happy when they ll present new model in 2021…

    1. there will always be the illusory ‘best watch’ for next year
      there is a 2 or 3 week time frame for one more release from Garmin. then it’s janaury for the next big one

      1. Thx for the answer . Just curious: why a 2 or 3 week time frame only?is not possible a ‘xmas big thing’ like something in late november?

        1. I’m with a 920XT from 2015 and the battery is still good. I train a lot indoor so the gps is not using it but i think i have lost something like 20% of battery duration.

          Love the square display ..that s one of the things i don’t like in new models.

          1. That square display is so aesthetically pleasing. No squished data fields. But, it is definitely a large wrist watch as a result, so I get the move to all circles

        2. Still use mine daily. With blue tooth, GPS etc I get about a week with daily 30-90 minute runs/swims/rides. I love this watch and hope any upgrade can match or exceed its value. Though I am skeptical because this watch was such a fitness specific homerun. Isn’t packed with gimmicky nonessentials

          1. yes !!! all it ever needed was a better colour scheme 😉 (and I know there was a grey one)

  2. After 2.5 years with my 645, I’ve given up on the 655 so you can’t tease me any more by mentioning it 🙂 A shiny new 945 is winging its way to me from Germany thanks to a friend whose company get a nice discount from Garmin, coincidentally my 645 came from the US originally. Will really have to try & buy local next time!

    1. I just bought my 645M this weeks. Looks like I’m 2.5yrs behind the curve. But coming from a 920 it feels bang up to date. I imagined there’d be a 655 soon too considering how cheap the 645 is, but everyone in the know thinks not.

      1. With the current price the 645M is a great deal for sure. I’d lost a lot of motivation with every event that I’d entered being cancelled. But then realised I could take the refunds & put them towards a new bit of tech that might get me interested again. Well that’s the hope anyway 🙂

  3. Great content these last few weeks. You are always on top of things. Garmin is crazy how they secretly release things. Did you see the new vivfits? Just accidentally came across.

    Anyway – didn’t see the answer in the see above for AMOLED expectations – what are your expectations for AMOLED w higher Firstbeat analytics (honestly I think this is what the 655 should be, AMOLED Forerunner and $499), and timeframe?

    1. hi
      yes i’ll be passing on the vivokid thing
      AMOLED is only going to be on smart watches in the near future ie smart not sport watches.
      watches for high performance conditions don’t lend themselves to amoled imho. however muuch of the market at all levels wants better screens they just need to eat less battery and perform well in all light conditions. i don’t think the tech is quite there yet.
      so we’ve had amoled on the vivoactive 4 (venu). that is a SMART watch that can do fitness.
      firstbeat? not sure what you mean, sure presentation of their data will benefit from better screens
      PS I saw your site and loved some of the stuff. I might write about some of your findings…i assuem that’s ok with proper accreditation and a link etc etc?

  4. No new bands? A VivoSmart (or VivoRing) with Firstbeat’s sleep tracking algos will be great. Also that VivoSport is donkeys years old now.

    1. vivoring….yes, that’s a game they should get in on. Others have been doing very well out of rings and face-less bands. easy wins for garmin

  5. I think that Garmin will keep a close eye on the Karoo2 and possibly counteract it with a new Edge model. The Karoo2 seems to be poking right into the gap that exists between Garmin and Wahoo. Wahoo followed a slightly different concept with its bike computer, but the Karoo2 now seems to take up both concepts a little bit.
    All that remains is Connect IQ as a unique selling point.

    1. CIQ is a great point of difference. Karoo would benefit from android-related functionality
      I agree with your take on positioning
      however, I don’t think Garmin will be overly concerned. Garmin is by far the market leaders with a very significant share in the markets in which they compete. Karoo is coming from a low point and Wahoo needs at least a refresh.

      1. Of course, CIQ has great and cool features. I don’t want to be without some of these apps myself.
        However, the competition shows that not every user need them.
        I still think Garmin will be keeping an eye on the Karoo2 because Garmin wants to control the market and that means even startups shouldn’t get too big. High quality and sophisticated bike computers are not an easy business environment, especially when you consider development and maintenance costs. Therefore, you – as a leader of the market – want to keep the main piece of the cake. For example, I had doubts that H. would survive at all and now they go one better with a Karoo2.
        From a user perspective, it can only be good for us that the competition is getting bigger.
        But we will see… 🙂

  6. Hey, what’s good?

    I’m looking for a new multisports watch and it will be a Garmin. Should I rather wait for the new 955 or should i buy the 945 for 440€? Any advices?

    Best regards

      1. Unless you want either contactless payments or music, in which case the 745 or 945 would be a good option.

        Unsure why you’d want the HRM pro with a 935 tbh… I’ve had the HRM Tri all this time and it’s been great. Unless you need Bluetooth, there’s not much reason to go Pro. Save the money.

  7. Some people have received a survey from Garmin that asks questions about sleep/recovery/training guidance for the Forerunner series. Anyone here seen this survey?

  8. I am still impaitently waiting for a real LTE watch from Garmin, just really want to completely ditch the phone for runs. I am tempted to switch over to an Apple watch, but I just have so much invested in the Garmin Ecosystem.

  9. 245plus – what features would you guess at for it?

    Any reason to think a 655 or 245plus would have improved heart-rate monitoring abilities, or has that tech reached its limit?

    1. good question.
      i would say that Garmin’s current ELEVATE v3 /gen 3 is the best they have done. i would say gen 3 has reached it’s accuracy limit.
      no doubt there will be a gen 4 at some point.
      for example the LED array configuration is definitely sub-optimal. so that can be improved for a start.

      a 245+/255 is an average-priced forerunner. it won’t have masses of top-end features. perhaps it would be something more like a larger screen area (hardware feature).

  10. Any news about new MARQ ATHLETE? Or still ok to buy current ones?

    or is it better to wait for garmin forerunner 955?

    1. good question.
      no intel
      i would wait but then again i can’t afford/justify the MARQ!
      An even better question is “is there a MARQ2 due?” and the answer to that is probably yes for later this year (earliest).

  11. Has Garmin completely given up on fitness bands like the vivosmart? It’s been over 2 years since the last release

  12. I don’t see anything about the Garmin Explore : it was released three years ago, and it’s disappointingly low in battery autonomy. Is there any chance of seeing something in that direction (touring/exploring) any time ? Soon ?

      1. Gosh, what a pity… What would be a viable alternative for an “exploring” king of GPS, then ? Which would offer re-routing when facing a blocked road, etc, without necessarily all of the performance-related features… The new Wahoo ? Or perhaps the Edge 530 would do the trick ?

  13. So… Great website! 🙌🏻😉
    I’m having a hard time finding rumors regarding a next release of the Instinct series. Anyone heard or read something? 🤷🏻‍♂️

      1. Thanks!
        I was thinking the same – A new version is due this year. But no rumors = No new release, I guess 😅

  14. Any news if a new MARQ Captain 2 will be released (i.e.: with solar charging.. )??? I´m just eager to know since I want to get the Captain version in 2021 Christmas but I don’t want to be surprised with an upgrade a few weeks later…Thanks all

    1. hi
      no news but there must be a high risk of it happening.
      definitely wait until mid October then you cover the 2021 release timeframes.
      your risk then becomes it falling at CES in january2022

  15. I’m holding out for the next Vivomove style as the sleep monitoring is not as good as the latest Garmin watches. Is that a good idea or should I just get something else?

    I highly prefer the look of analog watches because, being myopic, I don’t want to stare too long at a tiny screen.

    1. that’s a sensible idea
      consider other (better) sleep products like EMFIT and Oura, although it depends exactly what you want out of sleep monitoring

  16. Still in doubt on the Fenix 6/7 situation. Currently owning an Instinct Solar but are looking for an upgrade towards a Fenix model.

    One option is to await a sweet deal on the Fenix 6S PRO within the upcoming period or to wait for the new 7 series. However having unclarity on the F7 series is providing a difficult decision 🙂
    More then happy to pay a premium on the new F7 in order to have a watch that is easily up to date for the next 3 years but there is a stretch on how long I would be willing to await that.

    1. the deals on the fenix 6 are coming thick and fast right now in uk/eu eg £120 off f6s pro on amazon, maybe the same in the usa? (in the US I did set this up to point to the best prices on best buy, walmart and others. might have scaled back the options, cant rememebr , thank you for any support )

      f6 is a step or three above the instinct.
      f7 will be a little step above the f6 probably.

      1. Living in Europe (NL) so not so much looking at the US prices currently. Due to size preference the 6S would be my pick. PRO version but not so much interested in the Solar part. On the Instinct this is pretty amazing but from what I’ve read the added value on the Fenix is minimal. Current EU price on the 6S PRO sits around €520,- which translates to roughly 600USD and 447Pounds.

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