Garmin Releases for 2021 | rumored 955, Air and more

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new Garmin GPS Watches 2021 (remainder of 2020)

Almost a year ago there was a leak of planned new Garmin models. At the time, and for many months since, some of those potential models were labelled as ‘ridiculous’ by some commenters.  I think now is a good time to have a quick recap and the high level of accuracy of those rumours and to see what we might have in store for 2021 and maybe even something in the next 4 weeks to nicely round off 2020.

Here are the leaked models with a TICK next to the ones that happened

So, there we go. Pretty accurate after all, despite the CV19 delays. I would say the as-yet-unreleased models have a HIGH degree of certainty to be released in the next 6 months at the LATEST in some form or other.

Some comments on what might be left in store for us

  1. Garmin released the 745. This is NOT a mid-range tri watch. It is a smaller, non-PRO version of the high-end FR945, so there is still scope for Garmin to target the mid-market position of the 735XT if they want to. More likely is that they will let the price of the FR935 drift lower to take up the mid-market mantle, at least in terms of price it’s mid-market. We’re talking about targetting Coros Pace 2 and any Polar Vantage M replacement, maybe the P2 is at a lower-mid price point. anyway, you get the drift.
  2. Don’t necessarily expect a Fenix 6 Plus. We had the SOLAR models for that. Fenix 7 is probably next, although these SPORT versions would be possible too. What would a sport version be though?
  3. It’s obvious that an LTE-something will be on the cards at some point and further likely that such tech will find its way onto all higher-end models to a) justify a replacement high-priced model and b) be a tech gateway to enable new features without a phone. The limiter is Garmin’s global ability to get commercial access to the right cell networks. We’ve seen LTE on the VA3, my speculation would be LTE for Fenix, high-end forerunners, high-end Vivoactive and maybe at some point the Edge 1040/540. Providing that the commercial aspects can be ticked off, I suspect there will be MORE interest and demand for LTE that might initially seem to be the case (it will enable some cool sporty stuff)
    • An FR945 replacement in April 2021 would match a 2-year release cycle.
    • A Fenix 7 in August 2021 would match a 2-year release cycle.
    • a 945 LTE makes no sense to me, at least not as the only LTE model, LTE needs to be on a ‘volume’ product. ‘Volume’ means a Vivoactive or Fenix much more than it means Forerunner.
  4. Vector 4 will be released, I’m guessing it’s more likely to be around the end of Q1.2021 and had previously been rumoured as of late 2020 (which is NOT happening). Maybe there will be a ruggedised, off-road (gravel/MTB) version too?
  5. The 655 is overdue but not rumoured. Maybe there is too much overlap with the triathlon models for Garmin to bother with a new model here?
    • Jan 2021 would match a 3-year release cycle.
  6. A Forerunner 245Plus in April 2021 would match a 2-year release cycle (usually targets the Spring start to the running season)
  7. A Garmin Vivoactive 5 Release Date for September 2021 (Venu) would match a 2-year release cycle. However, this and earlier models were released over a shorter cycle so could be due…now (although it’s usually geared toward the Fall/Christmas sale period). If you want to bet on one last hurrah from Garmin for 2020, then my bet would be on the Vivoactive 5…it’s a long shot as Garmin has almost certainly hoped that their Xmas2020 money-spinner will be the Venu SQ.
  8. April 2021 would match a 2-year release cycle for an Edge 530 replacement. (Edge 530 Plus or Edge 540). This could be an interesting one to watch as we see the effect of Karoo 2 on sales and I would imagine that Wahoo must be due a replacement or addition to their ELEMNT range (no intel on that at all). Again, Garmin will be worried about Wahoo to some degree, less so about Hammerhead – at least for now.

I could talk about Solar trickle-down, or LTE, or new sporty variants. The following linked post does that towards the end where you might find some of the sections about impending tech to be interesting (or not!).


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