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Artificial Intelligence for run, cycle and triathlon training?

OK, the phrase Artificial Intelligence caused you to click this and you are sceptical, as was I. I imagined it was just another over-use of a popular buzzword but this time applied to run and bike training. So let’s clear that up first then I’ll give you the low down on AI Endurance‘s training plan if you are still interested.

The owner/developer is Markus Rummel, who was originally a physicist. His claim is that his AI Endurance platform is based on machine learning algorithms which he developed.

Specifically, what he is doing is connecting to your STRAVA account or your Garmin Connect account and interrogating your historical performances based on whether or not you are a runner, cyclist or triathlete and looking for patterns in the data.

Why it’s machine learning/AI, and why this approach is different

Every 24 hours, the model aims to correlate your best historical performances with your historical training inputs (pace, power, hr) to find a best-fit signature. This signature is then used to personalise relatively ‘normal’ plans that you would be familiar with ie you tell the model your training preferences and constraints. The resulting plans have some degree of adaptability both to your weekly schedule and changes in the signature.

Markus accepts that users rarely behave optimally and so has various fallback algorithms to deal with that.

So I hope you can see that this approach to planning our training is different. Normally our best performances are taken in isolation as a measure of capability at that time. Our best performances are used to create perfectly reasonable training zones and then somewhat arbitrarily a coach or plan might allocate us various amounts of time in those zones using previously used workout templates. At some point in the future, there might be a breakthrough point and then the normal models are reset. We have assumed that there are somewhat uniform responses from any given intensity-duration activity

Historically we have never really had a way of knowing if any of our training was a waste of time. Taking a silly, but illustrative example, if your body never-ever responds to runs over 1 hour, no-one would know that. Your coach would keep prescribing you with a mixture of speedwork, threshold and endurance runs but really, for you, all those extra-long endurance runs were a waste of time.

You can sign up for a free trial, further below, if this intrigues you. This is not a paid ad and I don’t benefit in any way from you signing up.

AI Endurance – Some Details

Markus claims to have a margin of error of less than 5% with power/GPS data from over 100 workouts.

The plans cover everything from a simple 5k to a more complex Half Ironman. Currently, there are over 50,000 variations of the plans and the best one is chosen that meets the athlete’s constraints. and each of those plan gives a continuous prediction of performance over the duration of the plan and a prediction of the end performance-state.


Please feel free to ask questions and comment below – be nice Markus is just a guy and not a large corporation.

AI Endurance – link to website

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