Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet – Now Available

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Wahoo KICKR Axis Feet – Now Available


The new Wahoo KICKR Axis feet are now available to buy directly from Wahoo.

Lucky KICKR20 owners already have these but the rest of us with older KICKRs can now upgrade and enjoy a bit of lateral movement over the winter indoor training season. I’m actually quite excited by these as I’m hoping they will make longer indoors rides less uncomfortable – I’m easily excited as I showed earlier today with my review of some super-lightweight ‘game chaning’ inner tubes from Tubolito!


Clicks to WahooFitness.com

Improved Road Feel

The AXIS ACTION FEET are claimed by Wahoo to give an ‘improved road feel’ and are also backwardly compatible to other KICKRs and are further claimed to give up to a claimed 5 degrees of lateral movement – depending which of the 3 sets of feet you choose.

3x sets of feet to choose. Clicks to WahooFitness.com

I also use a carbon-framed bike on a smart trainer which is NOT recommended. As a check, if you have a carbon-framed bike and ever get out of the seat and start cranking out some power then glance backwards at your seat stays/chainstays and check out what you are putting your expensive frame through #NotGood. You might see a VERY significant amount of flexing and I’m guessing that is what might have caused some delamination on my S3. These new feet MIGHT also help protect your frame by allowing the bike to rock rather than the frame to flex.

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Affiliate Disclosure: All links pay commission
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