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nrc x1 reviewNRC X1 Review

The NRC X1 on review here are frameless, cycling-specific sunglasses. Here I’m looking at the Everest SPH model which packs a Graphene Gray frame and clear/grey Nylon Sportchromic lens. The X1 model differs from the X3 model as the latter has a complete top-frame.

NRC X1 Review Design Details

These are well-made, sport-specific glasses with quality functional details and an on-trend look.

Nylon Sportchromic Lens

Photochromic Lens – Awesome

The lens has an impact-resistant, anti-scratch construction and is made of sport-specific Nylon. Cleverly it is also photochromic, meaning it darkens and lightens rapidly in response to changing light conditions.

The single-lens comes in 6 colours and is rolled and curved t partially wrap-around the shape of your face. The partial top-frame and cut-away lens bottoms add to the visual appeal and the cutaway also slightly improves ventilation. As the frames only attach on the edge of the lens no frame is required above or below the lens and so your vision is unhindered, which is great for cycling. Vision is crystal clear and there is no distortion at the peripheries.

nrc x1 review

Hinge and Arm

The hinges bolt directly through the arms and lens, so the lens is not designed to be interchangeable. It’s a quality hinge construction that’s designed to last with much of the hinging mechanism covered. The arms are thin and so are easily positioned around the helmet straps and behind my ears without interfering with the helmet in an unusual way. There is some compression to the head with the arms (to keep them on!) and there are small grips on the underside of the tail-end of the arm

nrc x1 review


NRC X1 Nose Bridge

There is a one-size-fits-all nose bridge which is adjustable and I found it comfortable.

nrc x1 review

NRC X1 Specifications

  • rame: Graphene Gray

  • Lens: Nylon Sportchromic Clear to Gray

  • Filter Category: 1-3

  • Removable side logo for high ventilation

  • Adjustable nose pad

  • Sunglasses designed and manufactured in Italy with Italian lens

  • Anti-scratch

  • Nylon Lens

  • Impact-resistant

  • Lifetime warranty

NRC X1 Aesthetics

The glasses are visually striking.

Unsure how you will look? Try this

NRC X1 Review Ride Conditions

I’ve used the X1 on and off for almost 2 months of late summer/early autumn riding and prefer them for overcast days even though they are photochromic.

On the colder days, there is some misting if you stop at the end of an exerting climb but otherwise, I found the airflow was sufficient to keep them mist-free. On the sunnier days, they were great, especially when descending through tricky shadow-covered roads caused by tree cover.

You will find these great to use for most of the day but as the evenings start to draw in, 30 minutes before sunset when they are a little too dark.

Buy NRC X1, Discounts, Price & Availability

You can buy these directly from the manufacturer with a 10% discount (code to follow), thank you. For an alternative option consider Sungod Vulcans.

The X1 Everest is a newer, photochromic lens coming in at Eu215.00 with prices lower at £141 on Amazon

Link: Amazon (Eu, UK)




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