Garmin Ski Power ⛷️ FINALLY. Native Run Power SOON

Garmin Rolls out XC Ski Power

FINALLY Garmin has announced and rolled out XC ski power.

What you need is a Fenix 6/945 or better and, the key thing, a new Garmin HRM-PRO chest strap.

That’s it. You install a data field or two and off you go. Here I have the data field on my 945 but no snow to go with it. No XC skis either, I’ve never tried XC skiing (too hard, too flat) although I do have my own boards and skis somewhere, gathering unhappy dust.

Wait a minute. Doesn’t this sound familiar?

Yes. I reported it a year ago, here. However, for some reason, the actual launch of the HRM-PRO and ski-power have been delayed to the season that’s just starting.


Polar has done this sort of thing for a while in conjunction with Racefox. Indeed not many people know that Racefox, when used with a Polar H10, also provides Polar users with running dynamics. Perhaps the reason you’ve not heard of it too much is that it’s not free 😉 – see some content last year on RaceFox.

Below, Ray, reports that the Garmin Ski Power metrics have been developed by the same team who did the Garmin running power app a while back. Also that it occupies the same ‘field’ as cycling power, hence I would have thought that your power data might get mixed up if you cycle and XC ski with power unless, that is, the sport profile is taken into account when the likes Final Surge/Today’s Plan come to sticking your power data in their power bucket.

Regular readers know that my usual posts require a leap of faith at some point. I won’t disappoint you 😉 Here goes.

I’m taking this quiet release as a further snippet of evidence that supports yesterday’s detailed post on the imminence of Garmin’s NATIVE RUNNING POWER. Garmin is clearly working on developing the concept and usage of ‘power’ in sport. In future years, perhaps we shall see more power additions to other sports such as the many forms of skating.

Sources: dcrainmaker and me from a year ago 😉


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13 thoughts on “Garmin Ski Power ⛷️ FINALLY. Native Run Power SOON

  1. Do you think Garmin run power will require the HRM Pro? If so, this is looking much like 1st gen Stryd Pioneer. But then why if Coros can do wrist only power would Garmin need additional chest mounted sensor?

    1. garmin running power exists now and yes it requires hrmpro/tri and a watch with a barometer.

      if they bring out a pod then it probably wont need hrmpro
      if they implement the power sensor into the watch using the watch’s accelerometer then it probably wont need hrmpro

      remember: it just isn’t going to be as accurate as stryd (I’m not saying stryd is accurate in that comment…just that it will be less accurate)

      1. Ah yes I’d briefly forgotten about Garmin’s run power via RD pod or HRM. So all this talk about run power is more about FIT files and some watch firmware updates?

        Hopefully they’ll add %CP/FTP to running workouts and power duration curve to Connect.

  2. I’m very curious if this is going to be useful/meaningful data. Like running power it’s not easy to determine as there is no control data. I’ve just finished analysing RR and that’s a farce. And some running experts have looked at (parts of) Garmin’s RP reports and noticed wrong data as well.

    1. yes. i think that’s why stryd use the metabolic cost model, as that is easier to verify against ‘something else’ (I’m not making a claim for their accuracy by saying that just that there are better routes for validation)

  3. Nordic skiing doesn’t have to be flat. In my neck of the woods they groom a trail all the way to the summit of Amabilis Mountain.

  4. hmmmm, native running power could be the first big project of the first firstbeat team?

    1. not sure. i would have thought the FB team would be more physiology-focussed and that native power would be an extention of what garmin fid with their CIQ Running Power plus some hardware integration.

  5. Ski Power works when one is using the X-C Classic app and Skike all terrain roller skates- available around the world. It also works with CAT Ski,, all terrain dryland X-C ski. I get a Power report on my Garmin Connect activity when I use X-C Classic with either of these. Now to try X-C skate and the Skike with a skating motion.
    At Garmin as: Cross-Country (XC) Ski Dynamics first saw Ski Power mentioned on DCRainmaker.Yes, HRM-Pro and compatible watch requiredRequirements

    • Garmin HRM-Pro
    • A compatible watch (See Required Software Version below)

    Required Software Version

    • fenix 6 Series (12.10 or higher)
    • MARQ Collection (12.10 or higher)
    • Tactix Delta Series (12.10 or higher)

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