Garmin aces pregnancy tracking with suite of tools

Garmin Advanced Pregnancy Tracking

Garmin now has the most complete platform coverage for women’s health issues with today’s introduction of Advanced Pregnancy Tracking. This adds to menstrual cycle tracking from last year and, of course, complements many other features like activity, sleep and stress tracking.

As well as offering women a complete solution it should be pointed out that women’s health and sleep tracking are two of the current in-vogue features that many customers specifically look for when purchasing a new smartwatch. No doubt Garmin hope to jump a little further ahead of both Fitbit and Apple with this move.

Why Advanced Pregnancy Tracking is more important NOW

Today’s younger generation is more techy savvy than those that came before. Women will just ‘expect’ that this kind of technology exists.

Furthermore, in the current pandemic, life for many of us is much more isolated than before. You’ll see in a minute that what Garmin is offering is a thoughtful informational blanket, giving reassurance and guidance at the right time.

What does Garmin’s Advanced Pregnancy Tracking give me or my partner?

  • Weekly education on symptoms & weight recommendation range for each stage of pregnancy
  • Tips on exercise and nutrition for each stage of pregnancy and how this will change throughout pregnancy
  • Tracking baby movement and symptoms
  • Tracking contractions and timings

The screens on the watch are generally basic-looking but with great informational content


The additions to the app, however, are more visually-impressive again with rich content plus the ability to track some trends.

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Is My Garmin Watch Getting Advanced Pregnancy racking?

Answer: Yes, most new watches will get the feature including the Forerunner 245 and Venu. (Check full list)

Check out some more details on Garmin’s video


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5 thoughts on “Garmin aces pregnancy tracking with suite of tools

  1. It would be interesting for everyone to enter blood sugar, blood pressure, temperature or the like, even better, to synchronize from external sources

    Not only when you’re pregnant! 🙂

    1. yes apple/garmin/google have/will have buckets for all that data in their databases.
      adding the links/connections will be ongoing. look at to get an idea of sources of all this info.
      it’s an issue i look at a little and i have some hopes to add some interesting articles relates to this general topic

      1. sure, i use fitnesssyncer pro and have all my things in TrainingPeaks, but would be fine to have everything on your more or less Main Sport App, when you have only Garmin Devices

  2. wow its not available in south east asia country. why? are the asian women have different pregnancy procedures?

    1. there are different models of watch
      eg Europe and America each have a different version of, for example, a Garmin 245.
      same for APAC. there is a different version.
      APAC firmware tends to be released a little later.
      chinese firms release in the Chinese market first…
      Nothing sinister either way

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