20% off Wahoo & Garmin – Smart Trainers and more (USA, REI)



Edit: Sorry folks, you had to get in there quick on this one. The deal is now pulled. No trainers qualify for the discount anymore. Check out these links which are valid REI Sports Electronics Deals: code GEARUP2020. Failing that go directly to the manufacturer links as, obviously, they are more likely to have stock.

Best Trainer Links: HERE

Some of the original deals are still live for non-trainer, see below


Smart Trainer Deals – ACT NOW

A great time-limited deal awaits you at REI (USA). If you join REI you can get a whopping 20% off a smart trainer. Amazing as these items are in extremely short supply (even Wahoo are out of stock of the Kickr20 on their own site right now). These WILL all go quickly as cyclists ‘stock up’ on pain cave goodies for the winter. This year is different because many more of us than normal are doing that.

  1. Join REI (add $20, lifetime membership to your cart)
  2. Put one of these eligible items in your cart
  3. Check out using code GEARUP2020 until Nov 23rd (these will go WAY before then)

Garmin Deals

  1. Garmin Vector 3$800 (rrp$1000)
  2. Garmin Vector 3s$480 (rrp$600)
  3. Garmin Varia RTL515$160 (rrp$200)

Wahoo Fitness Deals

  1. Wahoo KICKR Core$720 (rrp$900)
  2. Wahoo KICKR CLIMB$480 (rrp$600)
  3. Wahoo Headwind Fan$200 (rrp$250)
  4. Wahoo KICKR AXIS Feet$64 (rrp$80)

Tacx (Garmin)

  1. Tacx NEO 2T$1120 (rrp$1400)
  2. Tacx Flux S$600 (rrp$750)
  3. Tacx Flow SMART$296 (rrp$370)


  1. Saris H3$800 (rrp$1000)
  2. Saris M2$400 (rrp$500)


  1. Direto XR$760 (rrp$950)


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