Apple Watch 6 – customs sport watchfaces & eco sport bands

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Apple Watch 6Apple Watch Series 6 – eco sport bands

Out-of-the-box the Apple Watch is about as individualistic as a brick. That’s why the first thing a new Apple Watch owner needs to do is add two touches of personalisation. Firstly download or create a decent watch face and secondly, get a different band for your Apple Watch.

Heads Up: I had a commercial agreement with Meridio which they failed to honour. I suggest you buy a quality Apple Watch band from the nice & trustworthy people at Nomad Goods or The Watch Strap Co (WsC)

Training today app apple watch 6 readiness to trainA New Watch Face

With Watch OS7 you can share watch faces, which can be a time-saver and no doubt soon there will be sites where you can download many customised watchfaces. For now, if you like my cool adaptation of Infograph Modular, on the “Are You Ready” image, then just click on that link and unzip and install the watchface inside the zip. I’d be interested to know if installing my watchface on your Apple Watch automatically prompts you to download the 3rd party components I used (Stryd, Strava, and Training Today), I don’t think it will, which is a trick missed by Apple for sporty people.

Apple Watch 6A New Sporty Eco Band For Urban Fitness

Whilst Apple has much of the newest technology, the standard Apple Watch bands, in my opinion, leave much to be desired. That said, I *DO* like the Apple Watch sport loop band (the velcro-like one) but not the colours of the edging and, as for the sport band, well…it just shouldn’t be sold. It’s an awful design where the end of the strap is tucked back in towards the skin and which I find comes undone by itself during the course of a workout. I also have some issues with Apple’s eco-credentials, clearly, they are mostly open about how they are striving towards zero waste products yet their eco-report on the Apple Watch 6 does not specifically mention the strap‘s eco-credentials.

I’m going to be writing a few more pieces with unusual angles on watch straps for sports but let’s start with this one which uses recycled ocean plastic…a very topical and worthy effort by Meridio to help us in our mutual quest toward a life without plastic.

Meridio Bands from Ocean Recycling

There are many replacements Apple Watch bands available from 3rd parties, some are cheaper rip-offs of Apple’s designs and many are made from leather – which looks nice but is perhaps not best for extended sports usage. There are also some niche companies that make somewhat unusual bands but few that make original-design sports bands. In my searches, I DID eventually find a few and the first I’d like to talk a little about is Meridio who have a unique eco-sport collection. If ‘eco’ is your thing then, errr, buy one of these! If not, well, they look good, they’re comfy and they work well when exercising so, I guess, you could still buy one 😉

Meridio Bands are Italian designed and their #Tide collection use recycled plastics made from PET, PP PE, sourced in the Andaman Sea. The #Tide collection comes in 6 colours and is compatible with the 40mm and 44mm Apple Watch 6 models as well as earlier 38|42mm models.

The Meridio bands have the same attaching mechanism to the case as standard Apple straps and that requires you to press an almost invisible button on the underside of your Apple Watch to release the strap and allow a replacement to be slid back in. The straps themselves have a proper buckle, ideal to keep the watch in place as you exercise.

Check out Meridio’s eco-credentials that can be found on their site.

Meridio Band Discount

Meridio Bands for Apple Watch | Made in Italy

Eu39rrp direct from MERIDIO.C0M



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