new Garmin Fenix & Edge firmware goodies – beta, SURPRISING/INTERESTING additions including PM5

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Garmin Fenix 6 & Garmin Edge Updates Today in beta

These new features are in beta. I wouldn’t recommend installing them unless you are willing to accept the risk. That said, Garmin‘s pre-release betas are generally better than most. You will need to install these manually and instructions are given on how to do that in the links below.

I’ll start with some of the highlights and then you can see if any of this tickles your fancy and you can then see more for your specific device..



The headline to me was the support for Concept II PM5 rowing machines. This will not affect me at all but I suspect there are quite a few of you have already fallen off your seat and aren’t even reading this part of the sentence as you’ve already started the download. IE amongst a certain niche this is a highly-requested feature and I would certainly agree that the historical omission of PM5 support like this has been strange. Thank you Coros for the prompt to get Garmin moving.

Then we have the addition of sport-specific power zones which will naturally cover your newfound ability to get rowing power data on your Fenix. Cross country skiing power zones? No problem. Running power zones? Err, well that almost certainly will be a problem as running power is not native to Garmin. However these power zones are not really for rowing and XC skiing, in almost-certain-fact, they are in support of the native running power that is probably coming in January along with the new Forerunners.

I would imagine that this simple-sounding addition involves significant changes elsewhere in the Connect platform.

Then we move onto improved A-GPS/GPS-lock with better handling of ephemeris, I had noticed my Garmin was sometimes a little slow at locking on. Maybe this will fix it?

Then there are changes to auto-FTP detection (it needed it), some UX/UI improvements (always welcomed), CIQ 3.2 support, CIQ Data Field Alerts, TACX road feel control widget added, improvements to sleep…and, well I could go on. Most of the other improvements are minor but taken as a whole this is a nice step forward.

If you go through to your product-specific download page (see link below) then you can get the firmware HOWEVER you may also note some further new stuff. Namely the GPS sensor package has been upgraded in some models to v5 (you ar probably on v4.6 right now). So that’;s a whole new GPS version leap of super accuracy…maybe…perhaps…nah! BUT it might be a bit better and I already had some selected, very good results on some version of 4.x. with the Forerunner 745 which equalled the Apple Watch 6.


Fenix 6 series

Changes made from version 12.20 to 12.77:


Garmin Edge Series – 530, 630, 1030+

Changes made from 6.20 to 7.00:

Garmin Fenix 5 Plus Series

I don’t think Garmin shares the love with you guys…

Changes made from version 13.74 to 14.00:





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