Obvious Choices 💪 best Beginner Power Meter

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This is the best deal for a PROPER power meter for beginners.

What is it?

(Edit: This is Black Friday content but the prices remain nearly identical and the recommendation unchanged)

4iiii Precision 105 R7000 Powermeter

  • This is a single-sided power meter that comes already attached to a left-side crank.
  • 4iiii are a trusted brand.
  • It’s a Shimano R7000 crank from the Shimano 105 series but that will swap out with your existing Ultegra crank (and others too).
  • Installation: You’ll need an allen wrench/allen key. That’s it. It will take you 5 minutes tops and it’s easier than changing pedals. No need for a bike shop.
  • Accuracy: Yep. It’s a proper solution. I’d have no qualms using it. Accuracy is +/-1%…that’s market-leading accuracy.
  • What about double-sided power – OK you know what you’re talking about. Spend some time googling the issues around the incorrect reporting of dual-sided power. You’ll come back to accepting that the simple solutions are sometimes the best (and more than half the price). Single-sided power IS actionable and IS repeatable.

There are better solutions for power than this – expensive ones. However £236 is a great price. In my opinion, there are NO BETTER SOLUTIONS FOR THAT PRICE. For less than £30 more you can get the Stages Gen 3 equivalent (also on a Shimano R7000 105 crank). I would equally recommend either 4iiii or Stages. Stages are slightly better-known due to their pro-team sponsorship.


Here is some more research to aid your procrastination! If the price is the dominant issue for you and if you at least vaguely care about accuracy then you WILL come back to the offers above.

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