STRYD | Flash Giveaway | NOW grab a present for Xmas 2020

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STRYD Flash Giveaway – this week only, closes midnight 11-Dec-2020

If you missed out on STRYD’s 10% Black Friday deal then, no worries, you might strike it lucky in this week’s STRYD Giveaway only on this site.

What’s On Offer: It is the latest version of the STRYD Pod with Air Power. New. Check out the STRYD Review if you want to know more.

Who is giving it away: It’s being given away, sort of, by New Running Gear (NRG) who are the UK distributor for STRYD.

Why: The backstory is that NRG was actively responding to a customer delivery issue aka item lost in the post. NRG sent out a replacement ‘no quibbles’. ZS in Hungary ended up receiving two and was honest and wanted to return the extra one. NRG said to keep it as a gift. ZS loved the thought and wanted to give the item away instead to a reader of this site. So…why not? I also wanted to give a heads up that NRG are ‘one of the good guys’…most of us are and most of us want to do the right thing. It’s especially hard for some e-tailers as they are reliant upon stock from manufacturers and to the vagaries of courier companies. Plus now is a good time to remind UK buyers of STRYD/Coros that NRG has an unbeatable price bundle. That said…this freebie is cheaper 😉

How to enter: Say something nice in the comments below (a subject of your choosing). Your email won’t be shown but it needs to be correct otherwise you can’t win.

Bonus Entry: Retweet THIS LINK on Twitter and make a duplicate comment below (I will check). Publically share THE CORRESPONDING FACEBOOK POST on your Facebook feed and make another duplicate comment below (again, I will check if you win)

Ends: Midnight UTC, 11-Dec-2020

Open to: UK, EU, USA

Winner: Picked at random sometime this Saturday morning, announced below, notified by email and sent out on Monday.

Disclaimer: I am an affiliate partner of NRG, I get paid commissions but that’s it. I paid for the shipping of the STRYD from Hungary to the UK and I will pay for the shipping to the winner.

More Info: Coros Pace 2 + STRYD Bundle Deal




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federico mentegazzi

the people at nrg are really outstanding. And to be fair the Hungarian guy too!!


Very interesting !


Kudos to NRG for the generosity. I’d never heard of you until now, but I shall keep you on my radar for my next purchase.

Pedro Almeida

Thanks for the cool giveaway. I’m sure this is a great device for a runner.

André Faria

You guys must have a lot or POWER!


That’s nice from all parties. Let’s spread the good vibes.


Power to your stride, power from the Stryd. 🙂

Rasmus Jensen

That’s is a nice gesture 👏👍

Grant Russum

Purple at NRG are very generous and I’ve seen many positive reviews (PRs) come from Stryd and I’m hoping to join in!

Grant Russum

This was supposed to say:
The people at NRG are very generous and I’ve seen many positive reviews (PRs) come from Stryd and I’m hoping to join in! I’m very thankful that they are doing this during the holiday season!


Power to your stride, power from the Stryd. 🙂 (Bonus entry from FB share)


Power to your stride, power from the Stryd. 🙂 (Bonus entry from retweet)


Lovely gesture! Hope I win!

Andrii Kuzminskyi

It will be a great gadget for my IM 70.3WC preparation


Very curious to try training with power 🤔 and Stryd is the right tool for this job. Thanks to NRG and our Hungarian friend 🇭🇺

Mike C

It is very nice seeing a company be honest and trying to do the right thing. The fact that they are trying to help someone else out is a great sign and a way of paying it forward. Good karma to them!

Martin D

Lets finish this year nice & strong together.


Would love a Stryd to have much better accuracy than Garmin GPS for pace 🙂


An all round nice story. Hats off to both NRG and the consumer for his honesty.

Hugo McHugh

Nice one NRG – generous!


An all round nice story. Hats off to both NRG and the consumer for his honesty.(Duplicate for Twitter retweet)


Great give-away! Stryd would surely be a nice addition to my new Pace 2 🙂


Absolutely love the site. Great idea for a giveaway.


Well done to Alfie and ZS. Honesty is always the best policy?


Happy running everyone 🙂

Crispin Ellisdon

Honesty is always the bet policy.


Great move from a great guy


This year has had its bad sides but things like this show that it does bring out the good sides, too. Thanks to those who made this happen and congrats to whoever the winners is going to be.
PS: I did buy from NRG previously and can say that the support has been exceptional in my case.

Andy Helm

Nice guys all round ! And if I win then I shall make a charitable donation

Evgenii Egorov

Nice that someone is willing to be the secret santa here ))

Stephen Brian

Used NRG a couple of times. Great service!


Really nice gesture and a great way to finish this unusual year.

Esper Olesen

Show me the Stryd Power from NRG, the5krunner and ZS!


Always nice to see a company do right by its customers.

Cameron Seamons

That’s awesome! Hope I win!


Keep meaning to buy a Stryd, but other gear purchases always get in the way. Would love to try one out to see how it could improve my training. 




What a cool gesture! Wanting one of these little devices for ages now!

Thomas Bruun Funch

Merry Christmas to everyone, but in this case especially tfk, the Hungarian and NRG.

Mark Wells

Would love to try out Stryd but can’t get the spending past the boss!


I support this kind of “partnership”. I will consider for sure NRG for my next Christmas sportwatch buy. That website was unknown to me. Also thank you 5krunner staff for your work and this kind of initiative.


Thanks for the giveaway! fingers cross!


Nice story; Kudos to anyone who is as honest!


That’s a great giveaway! Thanks!

Dimitar Staykov

Great gesture from NRG and ZS from Hungary! No matter who will win, it is a win for everyone! Thank you guys!


Love Stryd and would be great to get the windpower version.

Markus Braun

Thank you very much for that giveaway! I’d love to enter the power universe – may the power be with you!


Nice story, would love to try styde, it’s in my Christmas list


Köszönöm szépen to ZS and NRG!


I’d like to test in trail running!

John R

Kudos to ZS and NRG. Someone as honest as ZS deserves good karma. Fair play TFK