Huawei, Apple & Samsung – Good Q3 Performances

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Huawei, Apple & Samsung Beat The Pack

The chart above for Q3 Global market share for smartwatches is sweet news for Huawei who show a significantly increased y.o.y. share in a growing market, likewise Samsung. Apple’s dominance at the top becomes slightly more dominant as Fossil worryingly slips back slightly. Surprisingly, at least to me, is the stability of Fitbit’s market share. Garmin also keeps a stable share in a growing market.

The other main trend is that of China as a sales territory. China is now a bigger market than North America and China is also seeing increased growth in ‘adult’-targetted smartwatches.

These figures are somewhat masked by over-stating the importance of unit sales rather than the $-value of sales. ie in North America the market is larger in terms of sales revenue ($).

In case you hadn’t heard of BBK, they own the IMOO brand.

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2 thoughts on “Huawei, Apple & Samsung – Good Q3 Performances

  1. So that image caught my eye – because it’s substantially different than the one they shared back in August here ( – and interestingly, I think I see why.

    The previous August one wasn’t actually just straight share, but apparently ‘revenue share’. Versus this is straight market share.


    I feel like all these research firms like to change the terms of their reports literally every quarter. From redefining what a smartwatch is, to how they present the numbers.

    1. ha. I remember your post on that, tho not the details. IIRC you did mention unit/dollar differences ?
      I’m guessing their report will have both flvours of share.
      ex-factory share, retail share, unit share, dollar share.
      dolalr share is probably most pertinent but unitshare has greater ramifications for the future when people eventually become brand loyal, richer and/or trade up.

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