Garmin CIQ Apps- Payment Required – New Notification

Garmin CIQ Apps- Payment Required – New Notification


In early 2021 we will start to see changes to how some Garmin CIQ apps are listed in the Garmin Connect IQ Store. Those apps that require a payment, or that repeatedly ask for donations, will have a message to that effect appear in their listing on the app store.

I’m frequently amazed at the generosity of many developers with their time for little or no financial reward. I have no problems with app monetization and think that many of the apps we use do deserve payment. I guess we can always make a voluntary donation but few of us do.

That said, it is annoying when we find the app we kinda-want, download it, install it and play with it only then to find the special feature that we were vaguely interested in, is a paid-for feature. #WasteOfTime. So this is a nice move from Garmin to reduce those occasional annoyances.

In running this blog I’ve recently noticed that there seems to be an ever-increasing number of compliance activities that need to be done. That’s the digital world we live in and maybe Garmin’s action to change their CIQ store is in response to legal requirements or simply to improve the customer experience. IDK. Either way, I like it.

Source: Garmin


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