My Top Stories in 2020

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Top Stories in 2020

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The top story in 2020 was, without doubt, GarminPocalypse. You’ve probably already forgotten about Garmin’s ransomware hack and subsequently extended outage despite protesting at the time that you would leave Garmin for good and move to a more trusted supplier of all things sporty. The techie press, me included, and the mainstream media all had a field day on this one as the schadenfreude effect kicked in big time. These were ‘easy hits/page views’ and what do easy hits make? Well, about 0.3cents per page view, maybe less. So sites really aren’t doing it for ‘clickbait’, even good clickbait pays nothing.

Next, you all wanted to hear my opinion about the Garmin Venu SQ. Which was very nice of you all, thank you. I didn’t even have to buy one to get my opinions over AND I saved a week by not having to write a detailed review, so this was a win-win for me. This discovery might make my 2021 efforts a little less harsh on my wallet 😉 Although I suspect that the Garmin Forerunner 955 will dent every tech-lovers wallets equally hard. I’ll even have to get the LTE version…eesh.

Then in third place was one post that was always going to annoy some people. AMOLEDongate. I just knew that suggesting that some Garmin Fenix in the not-too-distant future would have an AMOLED-type screen would rile some people. And it did. Of course, I was ridiculed and laughed at by a certain segment of those who read it. Interestingly, when dcrainmaker said the exact same thing a short while later my beloved detractors suddenly vanished. BTW, the latest rumour on the pretty screen tech is that the Apple Watch 7 (that means 8 in reality as Apple are a bit slow) might have microLED and a round watch face alternative and no crown and….well, all the things that this year’s Apple Watch 6 was also going to have.


In fourth came one of my personal favourites that I enjoyed researching, thinking about and writing. An article suggesting how Garmin can kill-off the competition. This was focussed more toward Garmin’s eventual need to win in the SMART watch game and if/how that might mesh with the woes or tribulations of Wear OS. I just want to be clear that I don’t especially want Garmin to kill off the competition any more than they already have, it was simply interesting to think about that for a while. Indeed I normally write from the other perspective with posts like ‘Beating a Garmin Edge: A guide for the competition‘ or the article that came in fifth place: Karoo 2 – 10 Reasons to Ditch Your Garmin Edge


Karoo 2 – 10 Reasons to ditch your Garmin Edge


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