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Apple Watch 6 Review | still the best smartwatch. But…

So slick, so smooth and with the best fitness & health tracking for your iPhone; the sleep features need improvement and the blood oxygen monitor is inaccurate, that’s the Apple Watch 6 and this review shares the great stuff, my regrets plus 10 top tips from 11 months of daily use.

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Apple’s Series 6 Watch boasts a new heart rate sensor, a faster chip, slightly more battery and an always-on altimeter, giving Apple fans just enough of an excuse to upgrade.

It’s available in 44mm or 40mm case sizes, both with an LTE option, and the basic aluminium case variant starts at rrp$399/£379, I have the 44mm aluminium version and like ALL my Apple products I buy it with my own money.

Apple remains the king of the smartwatch for one reason – the experience. The hardware specs are not cutting-edge, yet it all works so smoothly and so well, almost every interaction with it works how it should.


Beating the Apple Watch hardware is easy, it’s been done several times. But beating the tightly knit software package around it is nigh-on impossible.
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Apple Watch 6 and Watch OS7 deliver only small improvements to last year.


The new optical heart rate sensor is Apple’s most accurate yet. I produced the most detailed Apple Watch 6 accuracy report back in October (supporter-only content) and since then I have increased my usage with the latest Apple Watches ten-fold…just to be super-sure! On 18 April, I finished my 1000th Apple Watch workout!

Fun Fact: Apple Watch 6 (not SE) is more accurate than just about every athletically-focussed watch, including every Garmin. That said, the blood oxygen sensor and EKG/ECG features are probably useless to anyone who doesn’t know what they are.


Best Apple Watch SPORT Bands straps in UK for working out
The new optical HR sensor is not perfect but it’s better than previous Apple versions and better than those from almost all competitors – even Garmin


The Apple Watch 6 boasts new colours, including red and blue and two new Solo strap styles. The Solo Loop, Solo Braided Loop and Sport Loop are poorly designed, yet comfortable straps and should be avoided. My aluminium case feels & looks slightly cheaper than the stainless steel and other case materials that are available at higher price points.

Read More: Check out the very best sport strap for your Apple Watch.


Apple Watch 6 – Top 10 Tips

Here are some Apple Watch Series 6 top tips that are rarely covered in other reviews

  1. All AW6 aluminium case models come with a softer ‘plastic’ screen. The more expensive stainless steel & ceramic cases have a tough Gorilla Glass-like screen. If you plan to keep your AW6 for many years then you ABSOLUTELY WILL scratch the cheaper screen and you CANNOT polish out even the shallowest of scratches without compromising the touchscreen. Buy the stainless steel version, get a screen protector or get insurance. My biggest regret with AW6 is NOT doing this.
  2. The mindfulness/breath app is a very powerful app that records HRV data into Apple Health. HRV data is also automatically recorded 2 or 3 times a night. This is great data to be leveraged by readiness apps and produces similarly useful info that you might instead get from OuraRing or Whoop.
  3. Get a decent sports band. The velcro-like ones are GREAT except they get very dirty and need frequent washing. But avoid the cheapest Apple Sport Band which looks good but is uncomfortable. Here is a detailed look at some of the best Apple Watch Sports bands from Apple and from other companies.
  4. Explore sports apps beyond the basic sports profiles included in the Apple Workout app. Here are the best sports apps for Apple Watch: iSmoothRun, WorkoutDoors. The best and most popular mainstream running apps are adidas Runtastic, Asics Runkeeper and Nike Running Club.
  5. Make a sports-focused watchface using the watch app on your iPhone. One great thing with the Apple Watch is you can swap a watch face within a matter of seconds once you’ve put your trainers on. Perhaps your sports watch screen would include a shortcut to your favourite sports app or Spotify. An advanced watch face would include a complication like Running Stress Balance (rSB) from Stryd. If you use the Nike Run Club app there are some great complications you can use from that too which show your performance streaks
  6. Use RunGap to move any of your workout data from the watch/iPhone. I use it to link to dropbox. Remember: directly link apps like Strava to the iPhone/Watch – you don’t need RunGap for that.
  7. Unless you specifically need it, turn off the blood oxygen/SpO2 sensor as it uses a lot of battery for virtually no benefit.
  8. To workout to offline music, use Apple Music and now Spotify too.
  9. Swipe up to access the control centre and pair a Bluetooth heart rate monitor for more accurate heart rate recording during a workout that probably also saves some battery juice. (Look for this icon: )
  10. Make WiFi calls on your AW6 (non-LTE) without your phone nearby. On iPhone: Settings > Phone, Wi-Fi Calling, enable Wi-Fi Calling & Add Wi-Fi Calling For Other Devices.

Apple Watch 6 Specifications

These are the headlines

Apple Watch Series 6 Technical Specifications
Primary Hardware:GPS/GNSS, Compass, Water-resistant (50m), Blood oxygen sensor (+app), EKG/ECG Electrical heart sensor (+app), Third-generation optical heart sensor, Speaker, Microphone, Apple Pay/NFC
Other Hardware:Always-on altimeter, compass, International emergency calling, Emergency SOS, Accelerometer (for fall detection 32g), Gyroscope, Ambient light sensor, GymKit, Capacity 32GB, RAM 1GB
ProcessorsS6 SiP with 64-bit dual-core, W3 (Apple wireless chip, U1 chip (Ultra-Wideband, UWB)
ConnectivityBluetooth 5.0, Wi-Fi (802.11b/g/n 2.4GHz and 5GHz), LTE and UMTS (GPS + Cellular models)
Batterylithium-ion battery (officially 18 hours), Magnetic charging cable (provided)
FormatsCellular: Stainless Steel  (Silver, Graphite, Gold)

Cellular: Titanium   (Titanium, Space black (DLC))

All: Aluminum  (Silver, Space Gray, Gold, Blue, (PRODUCT)RED)

Nike: (Silver, Space Gray Aluminum)

Hermes(Stainless Steel, Space Black Stainless Steel)

Display44mm model (368x448px, 977 sq mm)

40mm model (324x394px, 759 sq mm)

Always-On Retina LTPO OLED display, 1000 nits brightness

Note: Aluminium case models have a softer ‘plastic’ glass

Dimensions40mm (40x34x10.7mm)

44mm (44x38x10.7mm)

40mm (Aluminum: 30.5g, Stainless Steel: 39.7g, Titanium: 34.6g)

44mm (Aluminum: 36.5g, Stainless Steel: 47.1g, Titanium: 41.3g)

Full specifications of all models are here


Apple Watch 6 vs. Apple Watch SE, Series 3

There are many trivial differences. Surprisingly the speed of each watch feels similar. However what stands out the most to me is the always-on screen of the Series 6, after a while the other models just start to irritate when I am required to tilt my wrist to turn on the screen.

Under the hood, it’s the superior optical heart rate sensor that will attract you most to the AW6. I would buy it for that reason alone plus combine it with the certainty that all of Apple’s new features over the next 2-3 years are much more likely to work on the AW6 than they are on the AW3.

Apple Watch 6 vs. Garmin

Garmin’s equivalent smartwatches are the Vivoactive and Venu, both of which are similar- as of April 2021 both the Vivoactive 5 and Venu 2 are due as replacement models.

An Apple Watch will never work on an Android smartphone, so Garmin wins there and supports iPhones too. However, Garmin’s biggest win is their sporty analysis app for the phone called Garmin Connect and the extensive, pre-loaded sports functionality on their watches. Garmin’s sporty ecosystem easily beats what Apple offers out of the box. However, if you are a casual fitness participant then your Apple Watch plus your favourite app will almost certainly be an excellent choice for you. Even athletes can find good functionality in some apps for the Apple Watches…it’s just that those apps can be hard to find – like iSmoothRun and SwimSmooth.

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Apple Watch 6 vs Fitbit

Just like Garmin, Fitbit will work on Android or iOS phones. However, now that Fitbit has been acquired by Google I just wouldn’t risk buying a Fitbit right now until their future is more understood and NO-ONE knows that future right now (Aug 2021).

The Fitbit Sense is probably the best Fitbit choice. It’s packed full of sensors and features that you probably won’t use! However, even the top-end Fitbit Sense lacks a decent app store and I am not impressed by any of Fitbit’s health and fitness sensors. There seems little point in having lots of sensors if they are inaccurate. Apple Watch is WAY more accurate.

Apple Watch vs Peloton

As of April 2021, the Apple and Peloton environments are becoming increasingly separated. Don’t bank on there being ANY Peloton functionality available on your Apple Watch as the months pass.

Battery Life & Performance

Apple retains the magnetic charging puck from previous versions but charging times are notably improved to about 80 minutes with a 2A USB-A adapter and 80% in under an hour with the improved rapid charge. Realistically it needs once-daily charging once you start incorporating music or sport into your daily routine. Despite the headline 18-hour battery life, you CAN expect 1.5 days with conservative usage.

Tip: a pre-breakfast quick charge and another as you shower after sport might be enough to see you through every day.

To me, the AW6 and AW SE feel like they have highly similar performance characteristics and are also similar to my AW5. Once you have owned the always-on screen of the AW6, a move to an AW SE becomes quickly annoying, especially during sport.

Interesting fact: I used Apple workout to record a GPS bike workout that was over 8 hours long. The Apple Watch SE had 33% battery left at the end which is fairly impressive. Clearly, it can last 10 hours with GPS and the Apple Watch 6 is better. Other apps may consume more battery.



The AW6 claims 1000 charge cycles will reduce the battery to 80% capacity and that might still yield a full day’s usage. Apple quotes a 4-year battery life so you should consider selling your Apple Watches every 2-3 years, although Apple does offer a battery replacement service for about $100.

Apple is aware of its environmental responsibilities and Apple Watch 6 ‘

Apple Watch 6
w/Meridio eco-band


WatchOS 7

WatchOS 7 is the software for AW6, which adds several new peripheral features.

Of interest to me were the new watch faces and the ability to have multiple complications from the same app on a watch face. Further to that, you can share an entire watch face and that automatically shares links to the apps that customised it. Along with the standard band connecting mechanism, watch faces and straps are the main way that most people will personalise their Apple Watch.

I liked the convenience of receiving phone calls on the watch when the phone was nearby but what I don’t like is Siri. Having used Google Assistant a lot, Apple’s pretender isn’t anywhere near as good – either in terms of voice recognition or the quality of responses/results given.

The Super-tight integration with the iPhone means that notifications hit just the right level of intrusion. Better than any other device I’ve used.

Spotify can now stream over LTE/WiFi however, unlike Apple Music, Spotify cannot play offline music (edit: Jun 2021 – now it can!).

Apple Pay/Wallet is fantastic and superior to Google and Garmin’s efforts. It is quick to setup for any card provider and works perfectly.

Training today app apple watch 6 readiness to train


watchOS 8 in the Apple Watch 6

WatchOS 8 is already announced and will work on the Apple Watch 6 (I’m using the beta version right now! aug 2021). WatchOS 8 includes many updates – a more capable wallet (USA), picture watch faces, breathing rate, wider Find My support, new sports profiles, an expanded breathe app, a new focus mode, expanded Fitness+ music support, and more besides. It looks cool but you will get many of these new OS8 features even on older Series 3 watch models.

Apple Watch Sport, Fitness+ & Activity

For most people, the Apple workout app does a satisfactory job for logging activity with a half-decent amount of interaction.

Keener sportspeople can now benefit from many, existing high-quality sports apps. I immediately think of iSmoothRun which effectively turns your Apple Watch into a sports device with Garmin-like levels of sports functionality, including structured workout support and power meter support for bikes and STRYD. Then there’s some cool mapping on WorkoutDoors.

The gym and class crowd might benefit from the new Apple Fitness+ subscription service giving you professionally-led workouts out at home on your iPad/TV/iPhone/Watch combo. This is free for 3 months but not worth paying for until Apple properly integrates sports metrics from the Apple Watch and gym equipment.



Update 27 Jan 2021: Apple adds Walking and podcasts to FITNESS+

Check out these other Apple Watch Series 6 Reviews from dcrainmaker, CNET and Reddit.

Health & Sleep Monitoring

Millions of Apple Watch users have no need for Apple’s health screening features. Some people do…and it could save their lives.

If you have SpO2 below 95% you should see a doctor, if SpO2 and other sensor data detects Sleep Apnea you should see a doctor. If the EKG/ECG detects any kind of abnormality you should see a doctor…even if you are young (arrhythmia).

Apple only makes a token effort at sleep monitoring. It seems fairly accurate at determining sleep/bedtimes, although new sleep features ARE coming in 2021 like respiration rate. Unlike other vendors, Apple does not make inaccurate guesses at your sleep stages. All other vendors’ data in this area is just wrong.


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Apple Watch 6 Review – Price, Availability, Options

Apple Watch 6 is the best SMART watch but it only works on iPhones. If you have an Android phone or want a better sports watch then consider these:

Apple stock every option and sells at retail prices. The more common case/strap options are available on Amazon and elsewhere, periodically with a discount. Moving forwards, AW6 will fall slightly in price through 2021 and more significantly thereafter, the AW3 will be discontinued (2022) and the AW SE will fall more notably in price toward the $200 mark before being superseded in 2022 with a second-generation SE model.

  • Apple Watch Series 6 – from $399/£379, some variants are discounted
  • Apple Watch SE – from $279/£269, some variants are discounted
  • Apple Watch Series 3 – from $169/$179. Will be phased out.
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Best Smart Watch for iPhone
  • Price - 85%
  • Apparent Accuracy - 90%
  • Build Quality & Design - 95%
  • Features, Including App - 85%
  • Openness & Compatability - 80%


Apple Watch 6 Review - latest series watch with Nomad Rugged Strap

The Apple Watch Series 6 (AW6) is the best smartwatch for an iPhone. Simple.

AW6 is comfortable to wear; easy and intuitive to use. The integration with the iPhone is excellent and everything works ‘just so’. Your choice of 3rd party apps positively adds to the Apple Watch experience and that choice is immense, although the quality varies.

The Tsunami of ‘permission’ approvals spoils the usage for me and sometimes a setting in the Watch app, Health app, Fitness app or ‘General options’ is not always intuitively placed.

Health, sleep and fitness tracking will be just fine for 95% of you and paying a little extra for the Apple experience is worth it. The only exception being those of you who just know you won’t charge your watch every day; the Apple Watch 6 needs notably more battery juice than a less pretty, but more sporty Garmin.

  • Q: Should you get an SE version or even the bargain AW3?
  • A: Buy what you can afford. Clearly, the more expensive ones are at least a bit better, although really it was only the always-on screen of the AW6 that stood out for me.

AW6 isn’t a massive upgrade over a Series 5 or even over a Series 4 but the Apple Watch Series 6 is the best smartwatch you can buy right now.

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  • An excellent software package, aka ‘the experience’
  • Excellent touchscreen
  • Good health and activity tracking
  • Apple Pay
  • Apple Store
  • Apple Music
  • WR50 and fairly durable.


  • Expensive
  • iPhone-only
  • Basic Sleep tracking could be improved
  • SpO2 and EKG/ECG features are of little use to most people
  • Battery-life is not great

4 thoughts on “Apple Watch 6 Review |

  1. We need some innovation in the heart rate sensor space. Optical is crap on a watch. It’s a dead end. I wish someone would come up with a better idea. At this point I’d love to get a little implant somewhere the size of a rice grain and get 100% perfect heart rate monitoring via BLE or something. Or some smarter way to do it from a watch, I pretty much wear a strap most of the time now.

    Putting your finger on the watch to take a reading is a non-starter. I’m an Apple hater but if they could figure this out I’d be on board.

    1. accuracy for ohr is alright for a lot of people in many scenarios
      and a lot of people just don’t realise how wrong it can be
      that said, my experience in the accuracy tests with AW6 was pretty good. but I agree with your sentiment.
      personally, I wish the aw6/se would work better with a chest strap. pairing up and using it is not a ‘just works’ scenario unless I’m doing something wrong. tho in ismoothrun both a hrm-pro and stryd and my r9100p bike power meter all DO work as I would expect (almost!)

  2. my apple watch series 6 with the strava app sucks. I run with a club based social group, last week I ran the identical route in a group all the time in 15 mins less time and 25% shorter although the map of the run was identical. Very inaccurate any tips on improving accuracy? or an alternative watch app that will sync with strava

    1. The AW6 should be very good, apps can and do change the GPS frequency/accuracy. If you are running near tall buildings you’ll get problems but not to the extent of 25%.

      1. Definitely don’t take your iPhone with you as the AW6 might try to use the GPS on your phone (there’s a setting somewhere to disable that…i cant remember exactly which, though turning off Bluetooth would suffice)
      2. Try just running up and down the street with the apple workout app then repeat with the strava app just as a sense check to see if they are both similar.
      3. All watches need to get a good GPS lock before you start. but just standing i the open air for 10-30 seconds should be enough for that.

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