Opove M3 Pro Review | Massage Gun Theragun beater?


Opove M3 Pro ReviewOpove M3 Pro Review – Massage Gun

There are now many near-identical percussive massage guns like this one – the Opove M3 Pro is effectively identical the addsfit max I reviewed a while back and that’s A GOOD THING, these massagers all seem to be going strong after months of usage and are usually significantly cheaper than heavily branded alternatives like the Theragun. The only question mark for me is, “Will they still work in a year’s time?“, I’ve no reason to doubt that, I just don’t have the evidence to support me saying you will get the longevity of use you hope from it. That said, my Thumper is fine after more than a year of usage.

The M3 Pro is a medium-to-large size massager and so is suitable for all muscle groups.

Opove M3 Pro Review | Massage Gun
  • Price - 95%
  • Build Quality & Design - 90%
  • Features, Modes - 85%


Opove M3 Pro Review

Verdict: Opove M3 Pro

Our family has got through many 3 hour charges with the M3 Pro Massage Gun. It’s the massage gun that keeps on giving! I’ve been maxing out on my ITB and piriformis, my partner on their glues and others just like vibrating random parts of their body. Hey, let’s not go there! Enough to say it’s sufficiently versatile to handle even the most troubling of niggles.

Unlike some of the competitors, the M3 Pro comes with a good range of attachments. Generally, the pointy attachments dig deeper and the larger ones cover a bigger surface area. I particularly liked the ‘golf ball’ for showing my ITB who is the boss. For once I am winning that particularly painful battle.

The Opove massager is very simple to use; the attachments pull off and push and push on; the M3 has an on/off switch and a nice LED display that shows which of the 3 speeds are active. The speed/frequency goes up to 3200rpm and that is in line with the competition. Even at the highest frequency setting, the noise levels are ‘fairly quiet’ and officially stated as 55db.

There’s not too much else to say. These products are all very similar and many even look identical. If you don’t want to pay the premium for the well-known brands then choosing between the rest just comes down to price.

Price: £160/Eu170 on Amazon or a 20% automatic discount gives $174 when bought directly from the manufacturer (that link will automatically apply the best, current deal from Opove.com)


  • Well-made, sturdy construction
  • Good choice of head attachments – powerful enough for quads, precise enough for shoulders and deep enough when needed
  • Sensible battery life (3 hours)
  • Normal choice of speeds – up to 3200rpm
  • Good carry-case
  • Soon pays for itself with saved physio costs
  • Great time-saver – no trips to the physio and you can multi-task whilst using it


  • No points of difference to similar-looking and similarly-priced competitive models
  • More for ‘home use’ as a relatively large item



Opove M3 Pro Massage Gun – Comparison, Reviews, Alternatives

An interesting and different alternative for recovery and massage is the PowerDot – essentially a smart, sport-focused tens machine that you control with an app and which even links to your STRAVA account to recommend workouts and workout intensities. Failing that, these are more conventional alternatives.

  • Theragun: Theragun is quite a bit more expensive and only has one percussive contact area, whereas Thumper has 2. Theragun has the advantage of more precision arising from a variety of attachments: Get one here
  • The addsfit MINI is a smaller alternative that’s easy to carry around and easy to hold in difficult to reach places like your shoulders. Get one here
  • I like my Thumper Mini Pro which serves similar uses to the Opove. The Thumper does NOT have interchangeable heads but does have two fixed heads.  Get one here.
  • LifePro PulseFx Series include PulseFx, SonicLx, Recova Pro, Sonic Percussion, Sonic Mini, Sonic X & Sonic Fx Get one here.

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