Google to move on WHOOP ? Amazon Halo available

Reading Time: < 1 minutes | Google has filed patents for a WHOOP-like band device.

STRAVA | USA vs GB | Who Won in the Lockdown Stats for 2020?

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Hammerhead Karoo 2 | Pre-orders OPEN

Reading Time: 2 minutes | Karoo 2 Now taking pre-orders via gift card fulfillment

Canyon Bikes | SOLD

Reading Time: < 1 minutes | German-based Canyon Bicycles GmbH has been sold to new owners…

new VO2max on Apple Watch

Reading Time: 3 minutes | VO2max improvements have today landed on the Apple Watch & iPhone

LIVE | Garmin Fenix firmware goodies – SURPRISING/INTERESTING additions including PM5

Reading Time: 3 minutes | multi-zone power support, PM5 support, GPS improvements, and LOTS more smaller…

the Lumen Reviews, Lose More Fat 🗑️ RUBBISH? too good to be true? Lumens Review Discount 🏷️

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Desperation Christmas Presents: Swim-Bike-Run Gadgets

Reading Time: 4 minutes | Desperation Christmas Presents   By the age of 10, we’ve run…

2020 Winners+Losers – 2021 Outlook – Bike/Run/Tri GPS Devices

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up to 50% off top WHEELS| Competitive Cyclist USA |

Reading Time: < 1 minutes | up to 50% off wheelsets, today only

New | Nike Widget Insights for Running | NRC |

Reading Time: 5 minutes | Nike Adds Widgets & Complication to Apple Watch, a look at…

ASICS Runkeeper Social Media Mini-Fail

Reading Time: 2 minutes | Maybe ASICS should think twice before tweeting. Then again...neither do I