Suunto GPS Accuracy Increaases plus S7 Features

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Suunto GPS Accuracy Improvements –

Suunto has introduced a new GPS accuracy fix for the Sony chip in their current models with firmware version 2:13:18

It’s unclear if this is part of the response to the recent problems with the Sony chips at year-end that were most visible in the Garmin community or if this is indeed a specific GPS improvement fix.

If you notice any improvements please let me know below.

There are some additions to the Suunto 7 (Wear OS)

Staged release starting from January 11, 2021. Nothing too big.

Navigation improvements:
• Route direction: Highlights the route ahead, helping you to anticipate the upcoming turns and know which direction to take
• Show custom waypoint names
• At waypoint notification



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Colin Jones

What is the battery life ,looking for one over 24hrs.


External HRM will bump the “Best” GPS setting up to almost 30 hours.

Same can be done using custom battery mode options to allow display to timeout during exercise (woken up by any button press).


For the S9 at least, quite sure

But yes – you are right for some others.


What is wrong with suunto no new watches just 1-2 in 3 years only some updates are they going bankrupt used to be one of the best companies?


Yes, they are already dead but still don’t know it. So much resources wasted to play the garmin card. I bet if they released an Ambit4 with solar, maps from Tom-Tom or similar, with the well-known accuracy of A3P, no wearOS bs, they may come back to life. But with watches like S3, 5 or 7, I’m pretty sure they’re done. Sorry. RIP, Suunto.


S7 is the most beautiful watch out there. But battery life’s a joke. S9B is old now. I’d rather bought a Vertix, Apex Pro, Grit X or Vantage V2, for example. Not to mention the Movescount fiasco. If Suunto want to live they should realize that their bread&butter is pleasing Ambit crowd, however they call the A3P successor.


S7 would be the perfect watch for me if battery life wasn’t that bad. I’m still waiting for an S7.2 with Qualcomm 4100 inside. Something like Ticwatch Pro 3 but with the great Suunto apps.

Hopefully they present something new by end of January after winter sale. Wrong time if you need a new watch right now 🙁