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Best Apple Watch SPORT Bands straps in UK for working out

Nomad Straps for Apple Watch

If NOMAD is the king of the best Apple Watch straps for sports then MonoWear and the Watch Stra Co (WsC) would be the prince and princess. That was a rubbish metaphor but what isn’t rubbish is the sale now on Nomad’s straps.

Nomad straps are extremely high quality and with great packaging so they are a confident purchase for a perfect gift. They also sell a wide range of iPhone/Bud and other Apple accessories, however, the only content on this site will be on the SPORTS bands, which are pretty cool.

Deals now include:



Nomad – Best Rugged Adventure-Sport Strap (V2, 2020 Version)

This strap is so good it deserved a post of its own! This strap is a bit too bulky for me when running BUT and that’s a big BUT, this is an awesome strap for adventure sports and, if it had ears, it would have DURABILITY coming out of its ears. But it hasn’t. It’s just a watch strap, albeit a well-made and well-packaged one.

Apple Watch 6 SE 3 Compass Altimeter Barometer Routes best outdoor rugged Strap weather complication


  • Pros – Rugged FKM polymer, Own design. Perfect for outdoors/adventure usage.
  • Cons – Perhaps too heavy for running and sleeping. So not an all-rounder for me, personal tastes differ ~(I have quite thin wrists)

Amazon and Nomad both sell this. £57.00, Eu63, although right now it’s less than $50 on Nomad’s own US site.


Nomad – Best Hybrid-Active Strap – Active Strap Pro

I couldn’t resist showing this other Nomad one as well. This is their Active Strap Pro and is another of my favourites. This has the same FKM polymer as their Rugged Strap V2 on the underside bonded to a real leather outer. However, the leather is hydrophobic and has been specially treated by Heinen so salt, water, sweat and dirt should all wipe off. So it looks super-elegant when you turn up to work but you can keep it on for that lunchtime run as the underside can handle your sweat. In my opinion, the Active Strap Pro looks great and works well but I wouldn’t take it on too many rainy, wet adventure weekends and I would be mindful using it too much for sport.

  • Pros – A great trade-off between a smart look and suitability for occasional sport. Comes well-packaged and suitable as a gift.
  • Cons- Leather requires maintenance (gel provided) to keep it looking good and you would need to think carefully about using it too frequently for working out and adventures.

From Nomad Good directly $79.95


Best Apple Watch SPORT Bands straps in UK for working out




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