new Coros Features

new Coros Features

In addition to a new Vertix variant (shown above), there are improvements to Ski Touring Mode that will follow soon. Of more immediate interest this week, Coros are about to announce these minor features for all current watches, including the Coros Pace 2:

  1. The update adds 0.01s to Run, Track Run, Bike, Pool Swim and Rowing. Purpose example: When doing intervals, based on distance – breaking down the time to the hundredth of a second is important to differentiate a km in 3:00.01 from 2:59.99 for instance. 
  2. The update adds a checkpoint feature that allows users to record a checkpoint before, or during the outdoor workout under navigation.
  3. Workout programs now supports track run mode.
  4. App workout details now include weather info: temperature, humidity, and wind.
  5. New map layer options in the app from Mapbox: outdoor terrain, winter, and dark.

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14 thoughts on “new Coros Features

  1. Thanks for the info, it’s always nice to see a company add new features to existing models.

  2. Ehhh, I’m going to throw this out there, but Coros also does many behind the scenes changes that aren’t in patch notes, and I can confirm that.

    Example: In the last patch, I noticed this weird exercise count in the watch and the app when I was asleep. It happened several times, so I wrote them thinking it was a bug in the last update.

    After some troubleshooting and sending them logs in the app, I was told that they changed how the watch counted exercise (Any heart rate at over 60% of volume for a period of time). That wasn’t in the patch notes, and I can only guess those weird bumps in exercise when I was sleeping might have been times to get up to use the bathroom.

    The point is, Coros should be vastly more transparent with their changes in their updates. I could have avoided all that troubleshooting had they just included that little tweak.

    1. Second this. My pace2 has difficulty resuming GPS after short breaks (to go for a leak or re-lace my shoes). Thing is, I don’t notice it during usage. I only started noticing it when I checked my tracks because of very weird km splits on every run for about two weeks now.

  3. Intrigued to see what the new map layer options turn out to be, Coros telling me in the last six weeks that they won’t be implementing maps due to hardware limitations pushed me to jump ship 🤷‍♂️

    1. New map layer options in the app” not in watch. You will be able to change map layer in recorded activity detail.

  4. 0.01s Seriously? That is WAY within margin of error of any GPS or pod acquired distance (well, even 1s is!), and outside any human’s motor skills. No one can manually lap with the precision required to actually reflect a difference of a hundredth of a second!

    1. Maybe y’all are wrong. What if so far Coros used truncated time to define whether it is 2:59:59 or 3:00:00 and the real change is going for rounding instead of truncating? Just an intuition….

  5. they added bluetooth support for power meters and bike trainers also, wonder what this checkpoints exactly mean

      1. For most of navigation industries, these are different terms. Checkpoints are “specific places to get to (in an event, add “by a certain time/first/etc) for metric purposes, and/or to ensure completion (an out-and-back course might have a checkpoint at each end to ensure you didn’t turn around midway.) Waypoints are just typically markers to keep you on track, “which way to go” markers (often set during a new course workout, for instance, 50ft after a trail split you might set a waypoint, to remind you which way to go next time).
        Certainly they are somewhat interchangeable, as both are marking “somewhere on a course” but in typical real-word usage, waypoints are just “for guidance”, checkpoints are to “keep track of” reaching that location (Checking-in, hence “checkpoint”).

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