new STRYD Workout App

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new STRYD Workout App

STRYD is a great tool as simply another sensor for running with. However many of you have gone into running with STRYD in a much bigger way and want to follow structured power training plans. STRYD introduced this feature a while back on Garmin and Apple Watch platforms bringing you the ability to execute free (for now) STRYD-plans or those from 3rd parties that support them.

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Today’s update sees a new app for those of you using high-end Garmins and CIQ3. The new app (not data field) is geared towards making the workouts experience easier to follow and execute. Within only limited time to see it so far, I think they’ve done a good job. Here are the highlights.

Countdown Screen

As well as the obvious ”countdown timer’, the countdown screen gives you the effort range expected in the next step as well as the effort you’ve just achieved.


Workout Screen

During the current interval, you get a countdown of time remaining as well as an indication of where the current interval fits into the overall workout structure. You also see the SPLIT POWER that you have achieved so far.



However, your split power is not enough to be actionable. For that, you also need to know your current power level before you can decide if you need to speed up or slow down and if so by what magnitude. Which brings us onto…

Workout Screen – Visuals

The centre row of data on the workout screen is colour-coded. So, very quickly, you see if your current effort is in-zone…or not. Even better than that you are shown the upper and lower boundaries of the current interval target as well as the real-time power you are putting out.



Take Out

This is how a workout screen should be.

In my opinion of course…

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Download here at the CIQ store on

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I have just been out in the dark for an evening run with the newly updated Stryd app on my Feinix 5+ I totally agree with you – The app is better than earlier BUT, why the heck didn’t they use more colors – why just green. Your suggestion is awesome – three colors, and the watt interval that the run should be in. Actually I would also have loved that instead of the Watt a speed pr. Mile or Km would have been nice (even though it is Stryd based).

I would also love if the pages were rolling (Manuel, slow and fast) so all pages could be seen. This is currently not possible for me as I am using the auto-lock function.

To some extent I think the developers have spending time on doing the bits and pieces below in the engine room, and never actually tried to ask a larger number of users how the app should actually work to make it possible to follow your training sessions (In my case TrainingPeaks -> Garming -> Stryd)

Thanks for a great post/site

tfk, the5krunner

i’ve still not tested it yet.
i thought there are 3 colours as per the last image above?
yes i think pace is useful to also show.
it should be possible to sync TP training plans , no?


Yeah, Stryd and TP works quite fine – I would just love if Stryd did the last bit of development to make the last pieces to work a bit more as everyone would expect.

tfk, the5krunner

what would you like to be different? I can pipe some suggestions over to them. I know STRYD are always keen to improve usability
ultimately native running power is the answer I would have thought? But that’s up to Garmin


My Datarun premium and ultimate datafields have customisable colors for when one is under or above the desired powerzone. It
also supports structured powerbased workouts from Final surge, Training peaks and When one searches for DU8-10c0 or DR6c0 in the Garmin app store one can test this (paid application, 4 euro for a datafield). The benefit is that there is no obligation to use the Stryd workouts behind the coming paywall