Queen-to-be Wears Fitbit

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Duchess of Cornwall Wears Fitbit

It’s official, the Duchess of Cornwall wears a Fitbit as we can see on the image above and on her Instagram page, below.

For American readers, the Duchess of Cornwall is married to Prince Charles. Charles is the Prince of Wales and Wales is a country that is part of Great Britain which in turn is part of the “United Kingdon of Great Britain and Northern Ireland“, the UK is not part of the EU but is part of the continent of Europe. Southern Ireland, aka ‘Ireland’ or ‘Eire‘, is definitely not part of the UK and remains part of the EU.

Cornwall is a small and pretty county in the South West of England and is about to host a G7 meeting with President Biden. Prince Charles is also the Duke of Cornwall and a Duke’s wife is a Duchess and so that’s why Camilla is a Duchess, I think she could also be called a Princess, as she is married to a Prince, but a lot of people in the UK wouldn’t like that. So she isn’t.

When Queen Elizabeth II dies then Prince Charles will become King. Technically his wife should then be called Queen Consort, not Queen. However, the last time the UK had a formerly divorced catholic as Queen (Consort) it ended in the abdication of King Edward VIII. Confusingly, Edward VIII was also Emporer of India but Charles certainly won’t become Emporer of India.

Is that clear? Good. Let’s move on.

The important thing for Fitbit is that Camilla DoC is proudly showing off their latest tech and it looks like a Fitbit Charge 4 to me. This aroused my interest a little but purely for click-and-see reasons.

A couple of years back Prince Harry wore a famous smart Ring and the media coverage massively increased traffic related to that product all around the world. Along a similar vein but on a lower scale, I speak with Fleur at CURRANZ and they had some good diet-related coverage at one of the UK’s top National Newspapers. Again traffic relating to that product spiked massively with the national coverage here and elsewhere…for a day.

So I’m interested to see how interested the world is in this post about the UK’s next, sort of, Queen.

American readers should bear in mind that Camilla probably gets a generally worse press than former-Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan. So no-one should expect Camilla to turn Fitbit’s woes around all by herself.

To document the popularity of our next sort-of Monarch’s choice of tech, have a crack at this snap pole.



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